Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Merdeka 2009 Road trip - KL - Gerik - KB - KT - Gua Musang - K. Lipis - KL

I went on a wonderful road trip to the East Coast of Peninsula Malaysia. Wonderful sceneries along the way, and great food too :)

Anyway, it's a bit long overdue as it happened during Merdeka (National Day) 2009. More than 2 months ago :D

All images were taken with a Canon 40D and Tamron 17-50mm F2.8 lens, with Hoya Pro CPL sometimes.

Sungai Kelantan. We stayed in Pelangi Condo just by the same river.
IMG_8047 copy

A beach at Tok Bali, Kelantan...close to Terengganu border..
IMG_8098 copy

IMG_8099 copy

Double Rainbow..first time seeing that..had to pull over to capture it...a different beach in Terengganu
IMG_8108 copy

IMG_8118 copy

Crystal Mosque in Terengganu...we found the shooting location only on the day we left. I'd have loved to shoot there the night before.
IMG_8162 copy

A palm oil factory in Sg Tong...somewhere between Kuala Terenggau and Kenyir Lake. Along T11 according to Wikimapia
IMG_8169 copy

Hours after leaving Kenyir, we could still see part of the lakes along highway T156, i believe. Or the new road that connects T156 and 1744 (not shown in wikimapia, yet)
IMG_8181 copy

IMG_8186 copy

IMG_8188 copy

Elephant Sanctuary in Sg Ketiar, Kuala Krai, somewhere along the new road that connects T156 and 1744 (not shown in wikimapia, yet)
IMG_8226 copy

You can see and feel the sadness's all in their eyes. They should be roaming free in the wild!
IMG_8220 copy

So there you go, a 4 days road trip which cost me only RM290, including the transportation, food, and hotel/motel/guest house :D


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