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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Wonderful fauna of Langkawi

Sharing more wonderful fauna of Langkawi. There is more to Langkawi than cheap booze. There are nice, clean beaches, rainforest, mangrove and geopark to boost. There are about  246 species of birds and 340 species of butterflies  in Langkawi. It is also the only place in Malaysia where you can find the brown winged kingfisher.

As mentioned in one of my previous posts, you can find these amazing colugos right within the compound of the resort.

colugo or flying lemur IMG_8151 copy

Another shot of a mother colugo with a baby. These wonderful creatures are nocturnal.
mother colugo with a baby IMG_8413 (2) copy

But that is not all. You can also find these wonderful giant squirrels (Ratufa bicolor) on trees around the hotel. This squirrel was not shy so I was able to photography it with a 90mm, slightly cropped. It bit the bark off this tree, ate the tender part and discarded the hard skin:D You can see healed bite marks on the same tree too.
langkawi fauna giant squirrel Ratufa bicolor IMG_6149 copy

Giant squirrel eating young shoots from this vine. The body length of this giant squirrel was about 40cm / 16 inches.
giant squirrel langkawi nature Ratufa bicolor IMG_6032 copy

I also found many of these super adorable dusky langurs / dusky leaf monkeys, (Trachypithecus obscurus) foraging up on the canopy. Sometimes they came down low enough for me to photography, again, with a 90mm.
dusky langur Trachypithecus obscurus IMG_5478 copy

If you would like to view an animation of this cute dusky langur, click here.

A video grab of a brown winged kingfisher from Mr. Tee Lian Huat, Malaysia's very first digital videoscoper!
Brown winged Kingfisher langkawi

A bunch of cute fruit bats, Cynopterus sp., possibly, C. brachyotis.
fruit bat Cynopterus sp. IMG_8435 copy

The next time you are in Langkawi, don't forget to check out the nature side of it!


  1. Though the cheap booze sounds delightful, I admit these photos show a potent reason to put the bottle down and get outside. Beautiful shots, Kurt! Such a stunning array of wildlife. It's definitely on my list of places to visit as soon as possible.

  2. Thanks Jason. The next time i go there, I'll be better equipped. A pity that I didn't bring my Sigma 150 this time.



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