Friday, July 8, 2011

Maliau Basin - Part II

Maliau Basin trip report, Part II. You can find Part I here.

Violin beetle
violin beetle IMG_6260 copy

Jewel beetle, Catoxantha opulenta
jewel beetle IMG_7512 copy

Dead leaf mantis, Deroplatys truncata
dead leaf mantis deroplatys truncata IMG_6101 copy

Fishfly -  Neochauliodes borneensis (van der Weele, 1909), belonging to the subfamily Chauliodinae of family Corydalidae. Male adults.
fishfly or lacewing IMG_6550 merged copy

Mating pair of green lantern bugs, Pyrops shiinaorum shiinaorum
mating pair of green lantern bug Pyrops shiinaorum shiinaorum IMG_6748 copy

Green lantern bug, Pyrops shiinaorum shiinaorum
green lantern bug Pyrops shiinaorum shiinaorum IMG_6797 copy

Lantern bug, Pyrops sultana
white lantern bug Pyrops sultana IMG_7325 copy

Handsome longhorn beetle, Cyriopalus pascoei, Thomson, 1878, male.
longhorn beetle male Cyriopalus pascoei IMG_7326 copy

longhorn beetle Cyriopalus pascoei IMG_7332 copy

Handsome rhinoceros beetle, Chalcosoma mollenkampi.
male rhinoceros beetle Chalcosoma mollenkampi IMG_6585 copy

Rhino beetle, Chalcosoma atlas
IMG_7350 copy

Gonocephalus borneensis or G. liogaster?
gonocephalus liogaster or borneensis IMG_6313 copy

Frog, Staurois natator, Black spotted rock frog
frogIMG_6915 copy

owlfly IMG_7152 copy

owlfly IMG_7137 copy

Stag beetle
stag beetle IMG_6846 copy

A lovely white beetle
white beetle IMG_7020b copy

Euchomenella sp- Malaysian Long Neck Mantis, Giraffe Mantis
Euchomenella sp- Malaysian Long Neck Mantis, Giraffe Mantis IMG_7586 copy


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