Monday, February 18, 2013

Orthopterans of Malaysia

My Orthoptera collection. All from Peninsula Malaysia, and East Malaysia (Sabah and Sarawak in the Borneo Island)

Up close with a Dragon Head Katydid. A male Lesina sp.. (IDed with the help of Ming Kai Tan) Selangor, Malaysia.
Dragon-head katydid Lesina sp. IMG_3109 copy
Face to face

Lesina sp. IMG_3106 copy
Profile shot

Lesina sp. IMG_3124 copy
Full body shot.

Lichen mimic katydid, Olcinia sp.
Lichen mimic katydid, Olcinia sp IMG_6977 copy
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Lichen mimic katydid Olcinia sp. IMG_6988 copy

Unidentified katydid. Krabi, Thailand.
IMG_9429 copy

Leaf mimic katydid, Leptoderes ornatipennis.
Leaf mimic katydid Leptoderes ornatipennis IMG_6653 copy

Beautiful, cryptic katydid (Pseudophyllinae ). I thought it was a dead leaf at first
IMG_6392 copy

IMG_6398 copy

Pseudophyllinae IMG_0766 copy

Molting in progress
red katydid molting in progress IMG_0141 copy

Another molting katydid.
Molting katydid IMG_2986 copy

A well camouflaged Pseudophyllinae.
Camouflaged Pseudophyllinae IMG_2682 copy

Molting in progress. Do not disturb. A male Conehead Katydid (Macroxiphus sumatranus), Selangor, Malaysia.
Molting Macroxiphus sumatranus  IMG_3190 copy

A newly molted katydid eating its own exoskeleton
newly molted katydid eating its own exoskeleton IMG_5372 copy

Chorotypus gallinaceus leaf mimic grasshopper
IMG_5896 copy Chorotypus gallinaceus leaf mimic grasshopper

IMG_5908 copy Chorotypus gallinaceus leaf mimic grasshopper

Yes, darling, hold my ovipositor tight. Cricket porn. Pahang, Malaysia.
Mating crickets IMG_1390 copy

Beautiful Orthopteran we came across at night. Leaf-rolling cricket, Larnaca (Larnaca) cf. fasciata - ID credit: Tan Ming Kai. Selangor, Malaysia.
Leaf-rolling cricket IMG_9265 copy

I thought I was photographing a chirping male cricket. I realized there was another cricket (female) when I post processed the images on my laptop! I think the male was playing a courting song and the female was on top of the male. Night find, Selangor, Malaysia.
Cricket Porn IMG_6370 copy
Info from Nancy Oecanthinancy:  The male raises his wings to sing and to expose the metanotal gland. The female sips from the gland to get her in position for the male to transfer a spermatophore. He then keeps the gland exposed so she will continue to sip from it - and thus prevent her from removing the spermatophore too early.

Cricket ovipositing on a tree trunk. Night find, Selangor, Malaysia. Gryllacrididae (Raspy crickets).
Ovipositing cricket IMG_4504 copy

A katydid in threat pose, signalling me not to get any closer . Night find, Selangor, Malaysia. Probably Capnogryllacris fruhstorferi - ID credit: Tan Ming Kai.
Katydid Threat Pose IMG_5879 copy

Beautiful monkey grasshopper.  Erucius sp.- ID credit: Tan Ming Kai. Banjaran Bintang montane forest, Perak, Malaysia.
Monkey Grasshopper IMG_4863 copy

Huntsman Spider (Sparassidae) with a female Raspy Cricket (Family: Gryllacrididae). prey. Night find, Selangor, Malaysia
Thelcticopis sp. IMG_6043 copy

A huntsman spider eating a cricket
IMG_0780 copy huntsman spider eating a cricket

Crabonidae wasp with cricket prey
Wasp with cricket prey ..IMG_3070 copy

IMG_6764 copy wasp with cricket prey

Sometimes, they get eaten by lizard
Mouthful..........IMG_0368 copy lizard eating grasshopper
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Forest Leaf Grasshopper, Systella rafflesii
IMG_6299 merged copy Systella rafflesii dead leaf grasshopper

Face to face
IMG_6303 copy dead leaf grashopper, Systella rafflesii

Green version of Systella rafflesii
IMG_6288 merged copy Systella rafflesii

Leaf-mimic grasshopper, Systella rafflesii. Night find, montane forest, Banjaran Bintang, Perak, Malaysia.
Systella rafflesii IMG_5257 copy

This grasshopper resembles the Forest Leaf Grasshopper (Systella sp.) above, except it's vertically challenged, and longer. Trigonopteryx sp. - ID credit: Arthur Anker. Selangor, Malaysia.
Trigonopteryx sp. leaf-mimic grasshopper IMG_2576 copy

Trigonopteryx sp. leaf-mimic grasshopper IMG_2573 copy

A nice looking away after only one shot.
IMG_8432 copy

A male Macroxiphus sumatranus
Macroxiphus sumatranus IMG_4945 copy

Macroxiphus sumatranus IMG_4949 stk copy

Macroxiphus sumatranus IMG_0953 copy

Portrait of an Onomarchus sp. katydid
Onomarchus sp. katydid IMG_8307 copy

The nymph of Macroxiphus sumatranus(?) Ant-mimicking?
Ant mimic katydid nymph.............IMG_3564 copy
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Dragon headed katydid Lesina sp.
dragon headed katydid Lesina sp. IMG_8782 copy

Brown katydid, Mecopoda elongata
brown katydid, Mecopoda elongata IMG_4759 copy

Unidentified katydid
Katydid ...IMG_9555 merged copy

This one was from Maliau Basin
IMG_6596 copy

Also from Maliau Basin
IMG_7462 copy

IMG_7454 copy

IMG_9358 copy

Poecilopsyra octoseriata (Haan, 1842). ID credit: Josip Skejo.
IMG_9297 copy

Poecilopsyra octoseriata (Haan, 1842). ID credit: Josip Skejo.
IMG_9349 copy

IMG_4648 copy

IMG_4557 copy

IMG_7876 copy

Pseudophyllinae, Phyllomimini
Pseudophyllinae, Phylomimini IMG_5112 copy

IMG_5094 copy

Acauloplacella or something close to this genus. It is a Pseudophyllinae, Phyllomimini (Tettigoniidae)
Acauloplacella or something close to this genus. It is a Pseudophyllinae, Phylomimini (Tettigoniidae) IMG_8619 merged copy

Beautiful katydid....IMG_8598 merged copy

DSC_0283 copy

DSC_5413 web

IMG_8640 copy

Amazing camouflage!
IMG_2141 dt copy

IMG_8583 copy

This one was eating a caterpillar!
DSC_5387 web

DSC_7337 web

Tetrigidae . Saussurella - S. decurva or a closely related species.
Tetrigidae . Saussurella - S. decurva or a closely related species. IMG_8633 merged copy

IMG_5684 copy

Erucius sp.
IMG_8033 copy

Grasshopper. Eritrichius cf. modiglianii - ID credit: Tan Ming Kai.  Banjarang Bintang, Perak, Malaysia.
Grasshopper IMG_5043 copy

IMG_1262 copy

IMG_2895 copy

IMG_1180 copy

Nymph of Depressacca sp., Agraeciini
Nymph of Depressacca sp., Agraeciini IMG_7009 copy

Nymph of Depressacca sp., Agraeciini IMG_7004 copy

IMG_9548 merged copy

IMG_9572 copy

DSC_4579 copy

Orthopteran love :D
Animation - smooch smooch

Phaesticus sp.
Phaesticus sp IMG_6444 copy

IMG_0419 v2 copy

A newly molted grasshopper
DSC_2233 2234 copy

Juvenile Chorotypus sp.
DSC_1914 copy


Katydid...IMG_0513 copy

A spiny katydid.
Spiny katydid IMG_4472 copy

Asiophlugis sp. either A. temasek or A. rete but need close up of abdominal apex for verification - ID credit: Tan Ming Kai & Marcus Ng.
A Mated Female Katydid IMG_3207 copy

A male.
Male Katydid IMG_3212 copy

Grasshopper IMG_2747 copy

Up close with a leaf-rolling cricket (Gryllacrididae: Prosopogryllacris sp.) at night. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
 Leaf Rolling Cricket IMG_0126 copy

Leaf Rolling Cricket IMG_0131 copy

Leaf Rolling Cricket IMG_0141 copy

Unidentified translucent katydid eating some kind of egg? Selangor, Malaysia.
Katydid eating egg IMG_1620 copy

Katydid eating egg IMG_1625 copy (2)

Newly molted katydid
newly molted katydid DSC_5485 copy

All images were taken with a 40D, either MP-E65 with MT-24EX, handheld or Sigma 150mm with a 1.4x tele-converter/extender, mostly on tripod.



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