Sunday, June 13, 2010

Some amazing Malaysian beetles!

I have always loved beetles since I was a little kid. Used to be able to find those rhinoceros beetles so easily under the lamp posts at night. Nowadays, one has to go up to highlands to find them. Anyway, here are some of the cool and amazing beetles I have photographed since taking up macro photography.

Mostly shot with a Canon 40D, Canon MPE65 1X-5X macro lens and MT24EX Twin Flash.

Longhorn beetle. Ukranian Photographer's Magazine front cover.
Pink Is In series 1/3: IMG_8385 copy

My first Trilobite beetle, and I thought it was just another firefly larva:D
Trilobite beetle...IMG_2574 copy

Side view of the same Trilobite beetle
Trilobite beetle...IMG_2609 copy

A different one from Gunung Gading, Sarawak.
Trilobite beetle...IMG_7347 merged copy

Trilobite beetle...IMG_7348 merged copy

And the firefly larva, (Lampyridae), a Trilobite look-alike that got me confused :D
firefly larva Lampyridae IMG_0721 copy

Profile shot
Firefly larva, Lampyridae IMG_0699 copy

Amazing Violin Beetle (Mormolyce sp.) from Maliau Basin
Violin Beetle!!! malaysian beetle (IMG_6249 copy)

Male Long-armed Scarab (Cheirotonus peracanus).
Venus 15mm sample shot_MG_1852 copy

Venus 15mm sample shot_MG_1848

Stunningly beautiful longhorn beetle, Cyriopalus pascoei, Thomson, 1878, male.  Maliau Basin
longhorn beetle from Maliau Basin,  Cyriopalus pascoei, Thomson, 1878, male. tropical beetles IMG_7332 copy

Gorgeous Jewel Beetle, Catoxantha opulenta, also from Maliau Basin
gorgeous jewel beetle IMG_7512 copy tropical beetle

A dead Chrysochroa fulminans I found at night in the forest.
IMG_6877 merged copy

Chrysochroa castelnaudi
IMG_7575 merged copy Buprestidae - Chrysochroa castelnaudi

Chrysochroa castelnaudi
IMG_7598 copy Chrysochroa castelnaudi

Chrysochroa fulminans
Chrysochroa fulminans IMG_7830a copy

Chrysochroa fulminans IMG_7851a copy

Buprestidae: Endelus sp.
Buprestidae - Endelus sp. IMG_9587 copy

Another Buprestidae
Jewel beetle Buprestidae...IMG_0062 copy

Rhinoceros beetle,  Chalcosoma mollenkampi, male. Also from Maliau Basin
Rhinoceros beetle Chalcosoma mollenkampi tropical beetles ,IMG_6585 copy, atlas beetle

Atlas beetle, Chalcosoma atlas
IMG_7122 copy Atlas beetle, Chalcosoma atlas

Scarab beetle, Heliocopris sp.
IMG_7180 copy Scarab beetle Heliocopris sp.

Stag beetle, also from Maliau Basin
stag beetle IMG_6846 copy

Red click beetle, Oxynopterus audouini
IMG_7053 copy click beetle Oxynopterus audouini

Red longhorn beetle, female Aerogrammus procerus
IMG_7034 copy red longhorn beetle Aerogrammus procerus

Tortoise beetle, Aspidomorpha miliaris with a couple of parasitoid wasps on it.
Tortoise beetle, <i>Aspidomorpha miliaris</i>IMG_0888 copy

Mating pair of tortoise beetle, Laccoptera sp. (?). More bugs porn here.
Tortoise beetles mating, laccoptera.......MG_4600 copy

Blue Tiger beetle, Neocollyris sp.
blue tiger beetle with red socks IMG_0215 copy malaysian beetles

Blue tiger beetle, Tricondyla sp.
Tricondyla sp. tiger beetle IMG_7676 copy

Rhinoceros beetle
natural light rhinoceros beetle IMG_8644 copy tropical beetles atlas beetle

Stag beetle
stag beetle IMG_8724 copy malaysian beetles

Stag beetle, Prosopocoilus occipitalis
Stag beetle, Prosopocoilus occipitalis IMG_6661 copy

Black stag beetle. Prosopocoilus buddha
Black stag beetle. Prosopocoilus buddha IMG_7091 copy

Longhorn beetle Pharsalia ochreomaculata on an Atlas beetle, Chalcosoma atlas
IMG_7149 copy Pharsalia ochreomaculata on a Chalcosoma atlas

Longhorn beetle, natural light shot. Tips on shooting with natural light here.
longhorn beetle IMG_8590 copy

Tumbling flower beetle, Mordellidae: Glipa sp. black and white in colors.
tumbling flower beetle IMG_7916 copy

A different type of tumbling flower beetle, Mordellidae:  Hoshihananomia sp. family
tumbling flower beetle Mordellidae  IMG_6963 copy

I think it's a tortoise beetle. Notosacantha rufa (Wagener, 1881)
red tortoise beetle ? IMG_7752 copy

a very tiny ground beetle...normally found on tree trunks
tiny beetle on tree trunk IMG_5105 copy

Carabidae - Lebiini - Pericalina - Catascopus sp.?
IMG_5850 copy Carabidae - Lebiini - Pericalina - Catascopus sp.?

Pericalina subtribe, probably Catascopus
Pericalina subtribe, probably Catascopus IMG_3577 copy

 Pericalus sp.  (Lebiini: Pericalina)
<br> Pericalus sp.  (Lebiini: Pericalina) IMG_3413 copy

Coptodera sp.
Coptodera sp IMG_2298 copy

a hairy ladybird like beetle, Endomychidae
IMG_1079 copy

a really cool striped yellow beetle. Cistelomorpha sp.?
cool striped yellow beetle IMG_9874 copy

A yellow spotless ladybird
yellow spotless ladybird beetle

Orange spotless lady beetle
orange spotless ladybug / ladybird / lady beetle IMG_1566 copy

Face to face with a tortoise beetle, Aspidomorpha miliaris
Face to face with a tortoise beetle : D IMG_4839 copy

A newly emerged golden tortoise beetle, Aspidimorpha sanctaecrucis?
Newly emerged golden tortoise beetle?....IMG_0079stk copy

Face to face with a longhorn beetle, Batocera thomsoni. There were mites on the beetle. Reader's Digest Unseen Asia March 2011 winner. 

IMG_3814 copy

Green leaf beetle
green leaf beetle chrysomelidae IMG_6778 copy

Another leaf beetle (Chrysomelida), Hispinae subfamily, Gonophora sp.?
leaf beetle Chrysomelida Hispinae IMG_9401 copy

Tenebrionidae, Strongyliine sp.
Tenebrionidae, Strongyliine sp. IMG_6866 copy

Tenebrionidae - Strongylium sp.
IMG_9854 copy Tenebrionidae - Strongylium sp.

Handsome male click beetle, Callirhipidae, Elateridae
male click beetle,  Callirhipidae, Elateridae IMG_1528 merged copy

Rove beetle. Ontholestes variegatus

Ontholestes variegatus  (IMG_4207 copy)

Two beetles. Tenebrionidae - Amarygmus sp.
two beetlesIMG_7372 copy

Green tiger beetle
green tiger beetle IMG_0024 copy

green tiger beetle IMG_9976b copy

Another type of tiger beetle
tiger beetle IMG_3429 copy

tiger beetle IMG_3426 stk copy

Hyberis cf. araneiformis (Zopheridae)
Hyberis cf. araneiformis (Zopheridae) IMG_3402 copy

Ambrosia beetle (Platypodidae)
Ambrosia beetle, Platypodidae IMG_3406 copy

Orange click beetle
Click Me!!! orange click beetle........  IMG_9924 copy

Big white Scarab beetle.
big white scarab beetle IMG_7020b copy

Mating pair of leaf beetles
Look Ma, No hands! Yeehaw!!!   IMG_7340 copy leaf beetle sex mating

A wet beetle
A wet beetle....IMG_3552 copy

A beetle fallen prey to a Lynx spider. More tropical spiders here.
Lynx spider with beetle prey IMG_0880 copy

Leaf beetle (Chrysomelidae, Hispinae subfamily) with two parasitoid wasps on it 
Chrysomelidae leaf Beetle with two parasitoid wasps on it  (IMG_4280 copy)

A pair of Fungus Beetles
<b>Endomychidae hangsome fungus beetle </b>IMG_3332 copy

Cleridae: Omadius sp. (ID credit: Michael Geiser)
Fungus beetles (Anthribidae) IMG_9517 stk copy

Tiger beetle with ant's head on its atenenna
tiger beetle with ant's head on its atenenna IMG_3010 copy

Longhorn beetle, Gnoma subfasciata from Danum Valley

Longhorn beetle Gnoma subfasciata IMG_6176merged copy

Beetle outnumbered by yellow crazy ants.
Beetle outnumbered by ants IMG_9825 copy

A ribbon worm, Nemertea, trying to prey on a beetle. Found this during night macro.
A ribbon worm, Nemertea, trying to prey on a beetle IMG_8425 copy

Yellow longhorn beetle with  black stripes, Glenea sp.
yellow longhorn beetle with black stripes Glenea sp. IMG_8204 copy

Blister beetle, Epicauta sp.?
IMG_7162 copy

Endomychidae(?) beetle larva with parasitoid wasp
Endomychidae larva with parasitoid wasp IMG_3821 copy

Typodryas callichromoides Thomson, 1864
Typodryas callichromoides IMG_5302 copy

Typodryas callichromoides IMG_5287 (2) copy

Sap beetle, Nitidulidae.
Sap beetle, Nitidulidae IMG_8875 copy

If you would like to look at some wonderful weevils of Malaysia, look here.

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  1. what an insight! i'm gonna bookmark this for my record in search of Beetles! but Master Kurt, where do we normally find Beetles? what kind of places? so far i'd seem only one beetle =(

  2. Thanks, JW, except 3, 4 and 5 which are more commonly found at highlands, the rest are closer to you than you think. Just go out, into the bushes to look for them :D

  3. Spectacular shots - your lighting is perfect.

  4. Thanks, Ted. A mixture of natural shots and full flash shots there with a few different diffusers over the years :)

  5. In the picture with 'a very tiny beetle...normally found on tree trunks' , I think that beetle is also called the Tiger Beetle (From what I read in the library)

  6. What a wonderful collection of beetles you have Kurt all spectacular in their own way and so beautifully photographed.

  7. Amazing insects! Found through flickr.

  8. Amazing captures. Are these focus stacked?

  9. Thank you, Mion, Arvind.

    Arvind, only the yellow spotless ladybird and newly emerged golden tortoise beetle are stacks. The rest are all single shot, unstacked.

  10. Followed fb over to here. Thank you so much for making our lives richer by sharing what you see!-Pixy

  11. A stag beetle is called hexarthrius mandibularis

    1. Thank you. Got the ID on my Flickr but i didn't update this blog.

  12. The 'Another Tiger beetle' is apparently a tiger beetle species that contains cyanide.



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