Friday, April 6, 2012

Tropical ants

My ants collection. Please correct me if you come across any ID mistakes :)

A bunch of Polyrhachis armata - (ID credit: Stephane De Greef)  ants with pupae, in between two leaves. Found them after a rather heavy downpour.
Polyrhachis sp. ants with pupae..IMG_0847 copy

A Camponotus sp. ant and a treehopper.
Camponotus sp. ant with treehopper.. IMG_9607 copy

A Camponotus sp. ant and a spittle bug nymph in the foam.
Camponotus sp. ant and spittle bug nymph..IMG_2294 copy

A group of yellow crazy ants attacking a beetle. For more beetles of Malaysia, click here.
Beetle outnumbered by yellow crazy ants IMG_9825 copy

Black queen ant (Polyrhachis sp.)with a red mite.
Black queen ant with mite ...IMG_9160 copy

Meranoplus sp.
Ant it cute?............IMG_2104 copy

Polyrhachis sp. queen ant.
Polyrhachis sp queen ant?...IMG_6531merged copy

Two Polyrhachis sp. ants having an argument.
Two Polyrhachis spp. ants having an argument.... :D

Another Polyrhachis sp. ant.
fish hook ant, Polyrhachis ant. IMG_8714 copy

Trap jaw ant
Trap jaw ant (IMG_3940 copy)

Trap jaw ant attacking a caterpillar
A trap jaw ant attacking a caterpillar..IMG_5802 copy

Polyrhachis sp. ant having a tug of war
Polyrhachis sp. ant fight...IMG_8708 DT copy

A robber fly with prey - winged ant. More robber flies here.
Robber fly with winged ant

Bluish ant, Calomyrmex sp. - ID credit: Dave General. For more cool, blue insect, click here.
bluish ant...Echinopla sp.?  IMG_0104 (2) copy

Bluish ant, Calomyrmex sp. with larva - ID credit: Dave General
Bluish ant, Echinopla sp. with pupa IMG_0326 copy

Crematogaster sp. ant?
Crematogaster  sp. ant...IMG_3386 copy

Dead ant, fungus victim.
Dead ant, fungus victim...IMG_9910 copy

A male ant-mimic crab spider Amyciaea lineatipes with prey - a weaver ant. More of these cool ant-mimic crab spiders here and here (mating shots :D).
A male ant-mimic crab spider Amyciaea lineatipes with prey - a weaver ant. IMG_9990 copy

Gnamptogenys sp. ant.
Gnamptogenys sp. ant..IMG_0281 copy

Gnamptogenys sp. ant with food.
Gnamptogenys sp. ant with food. IMG_7425 copy

A queen ant, Myrmicaria sp.
An ant queen, Myrmicaria sp.....IMG_9754 copy

A mating pair of assassin bugs with Myrmicaria sp. queen ant prey, and a voyeuristic yellow crazy ant:D. More bugs porn here.
Food, sex and TV. Mating assassin bugs with ant prey Myrmicaria sp queent ant.......:D IMG_4897 merged copy

Myrmicaria sp. ant
Myrmicaria sp. ant...IMG_0037 copy

A robber fly with queen ant prey. More robber flies here.
Laphria sobria robber fly with winged ant prey...IMG_9962 copy

Huntsman spider with ant prey. Night macro.  More tropical spiders here.
Huntsman with ant prey...IMG_8814 copy

A dead ant (Polyrhachis sp.) and an aphid. ID credit: James Trager
A dead ant with an aphid...IMG_9233 copy

Tetraponera sp. ant
Tetraponera sp. ant...IMG_0252 copy

Tetraponera sp. queen ant
Tetraponera sp.  queen ant...IMG_5065 copy

Camponotus sp. ant glued to the leaf. Not sure what was going on.
Camponotus sp. ant glued to the leaf...IMG_8789

Calomyrmex sp. ant - ID credit: Dave General
Camponotus sp. ant...IMG_0884 copy

Calomyrmex sp. ant. - ID credit: Dave General
Camponotus sp. ant...IMG_3265 copy

A dead Dinomyrmex gigas ant being eaten by a zombie ant Ophiocordyceps fungus
Camponotus gigas ant  being eaten by a zombie-ant Ophiocordyceps fungus...IMG_8046 copy

A dead Dinomyrmex gigas ant being eaten by a zombie ant Ophiocordyceps fungus
Camponotus gigas ant  being eaten by a zombie-ant Ophiocordyceps fungus...IMG_8063 copy

Dinomyrmex gigas ant under attack by Phoridae flies.
Camponotus gigas under attack by Phoridae flies...DSC_1403 copy

Dinomyrmex gigas ant carrying a dead grasshopper.
Camponotus gigas ant carrying a grasshopper...DSC_1881 copy

Camponotus sp. ant.
Camponotus sp. ant...IMG_0014 copy

Portrait of a major worker ant of Camponotus sp.
Major worker ant of Camponotus sp...IMG_9945 copy

Camponotus sp. queen ant
Camponotus sp. queen ant...IMG_8441 copy

Assassin bug nymph, Acanthaspis petax, with ant prey, and ant carcasses on its back.
Assassin bug nymph with ant prey and ant carcasses on its back...IMG_9228 copy

A Branded Imperial butterfly and an ant (Dolichoderinae, maybe Tapinoma melanocephalum.- ID credit: James Trager) . More butterflies here.
Branded Imperial butterfly and a yellow crazy ant..IMG_0337merged copy

The same Branded Imperial with the same ant, closer.
Branded Imperial butterfly with a yellow crazy ant...IMG_0332 copy

Weaver ants with dead male Dorylus sp ant. (ID credit: James Trager)
Weaver ants with dead wasp...IMG_1154 copy

Weaver ant biting me :D
Weaver ant biting me....IMG_3327 copy

Weaver ant queen
Weaver queen ant...IMG_8781 copy

A wet weaver ant queen
A wet Weaver ant queen....IMG_7753 copy

Two weaver ant queens
Two weaver ant queens? DSC_0187 copy

A young weaver ant queen and her new colony, with pupae at different stages of development.
weaver ant queen and her colony and pupae IMG_1739 copy

Crematogaster inflata
Crematogaster inflata ant....IMG_1180 copy

Three ants. Meranoplus sp.

Charmed :-) Three ants... DSC_6497

Polyrhachis sp. ants with pupae
Ants with pupae..IMG_0012 copy

A mated queen ant, Cataulacus sp.
A mated queen ant, Cephalotes sp..IMG_7849 copy

Tiny bathroom ant..about 1.35mm long, shot at 5X with the MP-E65. Tetramorium sp. - ID credit: James Trager.
Bathroom ant at 5X (IMG_6723 copy)

A Diacamma sp. ant, and a sow bug. Lit by a single 270EX on FMMB.
A Diacamma sp. ant, and a sow bug...IMG_2941 copy

A Malaysian black and gold huntsman and a fearless yellow crazy ant. More tropical spiders here.
Malaysian Black and Gold Huntsman and a yellow crazy ant..IMG_8834 copy

A mirid bug, Kosmiomiris rubroornatus, with Union Jack marking, and a tiny ant - Tapinoma sessile - ID credit: James Trager
Mirid bug and an ant...IMG_5668 copy

A tiger beetle with a dead ant's head on its antenna. More beetles of Malaysia here.
Tiger beetle with dead ant's head on its antenna...IMG_3010 copy

Ants and butterfly mutualism
Ants and butterfly mutualism....DSC_7082 copy

Male Camponotus 
Unknown queen ant...IMG_4221 copy

Dolichoderus sp. ant
Dolichoderus sp. ant..IMG_2119 copy

Polyrhachis sp. ant tending scale insects. Could be a Dolichoderus sp - suggested by James Trager
Polyrhachis sp. ant tending scale insects....IMG_0132 (2) copy

Polyrhachis sp. ant
Polyrhachis sp. ant...IMG_0075 copy

Marauder ant (Pheidologeton sp.). Minor workers, and a supermajor worker on a tree trunk at night.
marauder ant, Pheidologeton sp. IMG_3568 copy

Besides minor workers, supermajor worker, there is a major worker too in this image.
marauder ant , Pheidologeton sp. IMG_3477 copy

A hardworking weaver ant building nest at night, alone!
red weaver ant at work IMG_2887 copy

Male Ponerine ant
Male Ponerine ant IMG_7851 copy

All images taken with a Canon 40D,  MP-E 65 macro lens, and  MT-24EX Twin Lite.


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