Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Cool jumping spider

At first glance, I thought it was a Camaricus maugi crab spider. Peeping through the viewfinder, I was surprised to discover that it was a jumping spider, one that looked almost like a Camaricus maugi crab spider.

Coiicidence? Or is it mimicking the Camaricus maugi? And if so, why?
Jumping spider...IMG_5197 copy

Camaricus maugi crab spider. See the resemblance?
Crab spider Camaricus maugi ...IMG_0338 copy

My first time finding a Salticid like this, no ID yet.

Jumping spider...IMG_5208 copy

Jumping spider...IMG_5203 copy

Jumping spider...IMG_5229 copy

Jumping spider...IMG_5188 copy

Jumping spider...IMG_5205 copy

A Camaricus maugi crab spider with treehopper prey
Crab spider with treehopper prey....IMG_9847 stk copy

This one caught a larva.
Early crab gets the worm........IMG_5423 copy

Anyway, it's not safe even for a crab spider.
Pompilidae Wasp with spider prey..IMG_3256 copy

Pompilidae Wasp with spider prey...IMG_3235 copy

More jumping spiders here.

More tropical spiders here.


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