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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Kuhl's Flying Gecko

This has got to be the coolest gecko I have ever seen (and touched) in real life! I was scanning a tree trunk for any potential macro subject(s) when, from out of nowhere, this amazing Kuhl's Flying Gecko (Ptychozoon kuhli), landed onto the very same tree in front of me!

Look at the cool patterns, shapes and colors on this gorgeous gecko! It was wagging its tail much like a puppy too at first.

Kuhl's Flying Gecko (Ptychozoon kuhli). Location: a forest in Selangor.
Kuhl's Flying Gecko (Ptychozoon kuhli)IMG_3236 copy

Kuhl's Flying Gecko (Ptychozoon kuhli)IMG_3195 copy

After taking like many many shots of this gecko, I thought to myself, why not try to touch it, so I did. Surprisingly, it was quite docile.
Kuhl's Flying Gecko (Ptychozoon kuhli) R0019639 copy

I even put it on my hand :).

You can see the flaps on the sides of its body, flattened tail and webbed feet in this image, and in the last one as well.
Kuhl's Flying Gecko (Ptychozoon kuhli) R0019643 copy

It was hard to say goodbye to this beauty, but I knew it belonged in the wild so I let it go!
Kuhl's Flying Gecko (Ptychozoon kuhli) R0019642 copy

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