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Friday, November 2, 2012

Epeus sp. jumping spider life cycle

An incomplete documentation of en Epeus sp. jumping spider' life cyle:

Oct 6, 2012: I found this very gravid mom-to-be.
a very pregnant mom-to-be Epeus sp. jumping spider IMG_0720 copy

The same Epeus sp. pregnant jumping spider from a different angle.
Epeus sp. pregnant mom-to-be jumping spiderIMG_0723 copy

Oct 13, 2012 - mom and her eggs. Mom was seen chasing away an ant that close too close to ber eggs.
Epeus sp. mom guarding her eggs and chasing away an ant IMG_1128 copy

mom Epeus sp. jumping spider chasing an ant away IMG_1129 copy

Oct 20, 2012: Mom with her newly hatched spiderlings.
Epeus sp. mommy jumping spider with her newly hatched spiderlings IMG_1573 copy

Oct 27, 2012: only spiderlings' molts were left on the leaf. Mom and her spiderlings have moved on.

A different specimen:

Aug 14, 2011. Mom guarding her egggs.
A beautiful mom and her babies......IMG_4234b copy

A beautiful mom and her babies......IMG_4231 copy

Aug 21, 2011. The spiderlings hatched.
A beautiful mom and her babies......IMG_4496 copy

A beautiful mom and her babies......IMG_4497 copy

 Aug 31, 2011, only these were left on the leaf. The spiderlings must have molted and left the nest to start their own lives.
 Aug 31, 2010 Update: Green Jumper Mom and Eggs/Spiderlings - all that's left......IMG_4848 copy

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