Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New Diffuser for the MT-24EX, again!

As you are aware of, I have had a new and improved diffuser since February 2010. Loving the light from it. Sample shots as below:

All images shot with a Canon 40D, Canon MPE65 1X-5X macro lens and Canon MT24EX Twin Flash with DIY Diffuser.

DIY Diffuser for MT-24EX IMG_8219 copy

Sample shots:
IMG_0252 copy

IMG_9729 copy

There is just this one thing that bothers me though - the twin catch lights in subjects with big reflective eyes, such as my favorite spider - jumping spider! In the image above, the highlight/catch lights in the eyes have been toned down in PP. It was much brighter originally!

Now compare it to another jumper shot lit with a big bowl diffuser:
DIY Diffuser - big bowl IMG_5360 copy

I prefer a single, bigger catch light like this.
IMG_4549 copy

For more lighting comparison, please check out A Comparison of Different Lighting Setups.

Now a couple of sample shots from the newest diffuser:

The dome is transparent PP material from a mineral water bottle, covered with 2 layers of polystyrene sheets. Idea from Stephen's cup diffuser (SteB1) on Juza forum.
DIY Diffuser - cup diffuser - MT-24EX new diffuser cropped

I used 3M medical tape to hold the concave diffuser in place. But i think I will get some moldable plastic to DIY a better holder!
3M Durapore Medical Tape, Silk Tape - 1 in. x 10 yards per roll
3M medical tape

InstaMorph - Moldable Plastic - 12 oz
Moldable Plastic

Now the sample shots:
Bubble blowing...IMG_0671 copy

IMG_0388 DT copy

Definitely nicer catch lights in the spider's eyes. However, the catch lights seem to be much brighter in the smaller pair of front-facing eyes though.

More to be improved on the newest diffuser. Perhaps a more opaque material Stay tuned.

Edit: slightly improved version of the cheap but great DIY Concave Diffuser is  here.


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