Friday, October 23, 2009

Macro Workshop

Macro workshop for beginners/intermediate macro photographers.

When : Feb 13, 2011 (Sunday)...and most Saturday and/or Sunday. Contact me for more info.
Where : KL...exact location will be disclosed via PM to participants.
Time : 9 am to 3 pm

What you'll learn: natural light macro, full flash macro, useful tips and lots of hands-on, and post processing tips using CS3 and Adobe Camera Raw.

Lunch provided. Bring your own laptop if you have one. Optional.

Fee : RM120, minimum two to start. No more than 5.
Payment: bank in/transfer to my MayBank account then PM me. Account # will be PMed to you.)

Prerequisite: participant should preferably have a macro lens, or full set of tubes or a Raynox DCR-250. Feel free to ask me about this if you are not sure. Those who are interested, please PM me your equipment list: camera, macro lens(es), speedlight or dedicated macro flash, tripod.

I have a DIY Snoot Diffuser (for 100mm/90mm range. It will fit the SB900 too) and 580EX II to loan to you if are using Canon camera. Only one though so only for the first one who asks for it :)

Things to bring:
 - drinking water
- sun hat
- insect repellent. I normally just wear long sleeves shirt and long pants though, crocs shoes and socks. I tuck in my pants so the ants or leeches can't get in. Not all types of socks will work to keep the leeches out. However, no leeches at this location.
- tripod (optional) I will bring mine to demo to you.
- your camera, macro lens and/or dcr250 and/or extension tubes, camera manual (just in case we need to check out some functions)

Diffuser for your reference:

Recommended one:

Quick and easy one

But don't worry as I will loan you my snoot diffuser and the 580EX II (only for the first one to sign up).

Some recommended reading:

Full flash photography:
Flash exposure compensation:
Natural Light photography:

Don't worry if you have no time to read because I will briefly explain the essence to you during the workshop.

All shot with a Canon 40D, Canon MP-E65 1X-5X macro lens and MT-24EX Twin Flash.

Face to Face with a Robber .......IMG_8941 copy

IMG_7861 copy

Messy Moth (IMG_8046 copy)

All shot with Canon MP-E65 1X-5X macro lens and MT-24EX Twin Flash

Friday, October 2, 2009

Go shoot a fly!!!

Many macrographers look down on flies. Maybe they think flies are boring and ugly. I beg to differ. Fly makes a really great macro photography subject. It's widely available just about anywhere and anytime.

Just take a look at this single exposure images. If the lighting is right, and the DOF plane placed correctly, you can get a lot of lovely details out of any ordinary fly.

All shot with Canon 40D, Canon MP-E65 1X-5X macro lens and Canon MT-24EX Twin Flash

IMG_8635 copy

Fly: Tachinidae - possibly Carcelia sp.
Fly: Tachinidae - possibly Carcelia sp....IMG_0833 copy

IMG_7832 copy

IMG_9113 copy

Bubble blowing...IMG_0671 copy

IMG_7787 copy

IMG_4932 copy

IMG_1016 copy

 Asian Papaya Fruit fly, Bactrocera papayae
Asian papaya fruit fly...IMG_0392 copy

Platystomatidae Sf Scholastinae (signal fly)
Platystomatidae Sf Scholastinae (signal fly) IMG_3096 copy

A mating pair of flies (Diptera). Metopia (Sarcophagidae). M. argyrocephala
A mating pair of flies (Diptera). <i>Metopia (Sarcophagidae)</i>. <i>M. argyrocephala </i>- IMG_9573 copy

Signal fly?
Signal fly??...IMG_2276 copy

Sphaeniscus sp. fly
Sphaeniscus sp. fly...IMG_6998 copy

Platystomatidae, signal fly.
Platystomatidae, signal fly. IMG_2460 copy

Signal fly, Platystomatidae, a species of Loxonevra near decora Fabricius
Signal fly, Platystomatidae, a species of Loxonevra near decora Fabricius IMG_9583 copy

IMG_8533 copy

mating flies IMG_9856 copy

A newly emerged fly, Xenaspis Osten Sacken of the Platystomatidae?
A newly emerged fly, <i>Xenaspis</i> Osten Sacken of the <i>Platystomatidae</i>? IMG_9812 copy

A newly emerged fly, <i>Xenaspis</i> Osten Sacken of the <i>Platystomatidae</i>? IMG_9678 copy

The same fly about an hour later
A newly emerged fly, <i>Xenaspis</i> Osten Sacken of the <i>Platystomatidae</i>?IMG_9793 copy (2)

IMG_1052 copy

Tachinidae Blondeliini Male, most likely Uromedina caudata
Tachinidae Blondeliini Male, most likely Uromedina caudata IMG_0760 copy

IMG_9506 copy

A beautiful fly, Adrama sp?
A beautiful fly, <i>Adrama sp</i>? IMG_9944 copy

Rioxa discalis
picture wing fly <i>Rioxa discalis</i>

Curtonotidae genus Axinota
Curtonotidae genus Axinota IMG_0124 copy

Diopsidae sp. Teleopsis dalmanni?
Diopsidae sp. <i>Teleopsis dalmanni</i>?IMG_7141 copy

Microdon auroscutatus Curran
Microdon auroscutatus Curran IMG_5491 copy

Hybotidae IMG_8372 copy

Conopid fly  Leopoldius calceatus
conopid fly  Leopoldius calceatus IMG_6803 copy

Marsh fly  Sciomyzidae
Marsh fly  Sciomyzidae  IMG_3018 copy

So the next time you see a fly....treat it with respect :D. It makes a great macro subject!


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