Saturday, September 28, 2013

Kota Kinabalu Macro Trip

Some of the creatures I photographed during my macro/nature photography trip to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia (Borneo).

Pyrops heringi - the main reason for the impromptu trip to Kota Kinabalu :D
Pyrops heringi IMG_0926 crop copy
Unfortunately, this rare beauty was on a tree on a slope and we couldn't get any closer.

Cropped from this image. A 400mm F5.6 would have come in handy at that time!
IMG_0926 copy

More amazing lantern bugs /lanternflies of Malaysia here.

Beautiful lacewing that flew to the light at night!
IMG_1012 copy
Chrysopidia (s. str.) sp. - ID suggested by Roberto A. Pantaleoni.

IMG_1024 copy
More beautiful Neuropterans here.

Nice looking cicada
IMG_0913 copy

Another cicada, big one.
IMG_0907 copy

Unidentified tarantula we found at night. More tropical spiders here.
IMG_0988 copy

IMG_0984 copy

Unidentified spider, also found at night.
IMG_0932 copy

Huntsman with prey, and some opportunistic flies.
IMG_1318 copy

Wandering spider, Ctenidae.
IMG_1335 copy

IMG_1336 copy

Back lit Gasteracantha sp.(?) spider.
IMG_1296 copy

IMG_0978 copy

More tropical spiders here.

Spiny stick insect. Haaniella sp. , probably H. echinata. ID credit: Alvaro Perez Gomez.
IMG_0964 copy

Really wild colors on this stick insect! Calvisia sp. (C. punctulata?). ID credit: Devon Henderson.
IMG_0968 copy

A closer look
IMG_0973 copy

IMG_0971 copy

Another stick insect
IMG_1341 copy

Mantis. More mantids here.
IMG_1370 copy

Treehopper with broken horn
IMG_1247 copy

Cool black cockroach we found at night. Catara minor. More creatures from night macro here.
IMG_1251 copy

IMG_1257 copy

A different centipede
IMG_1283 copy

IMG_1279 copy

Cricket. More Orthoptera here.
IMG_1276 copy

IMG_1019 copy

Assassin bug. More assassin bugs here.
IMG_1321 merged copy

Beetle. More tropical beetles here.
IMG_1337 copy

Longhorn beetle, Gnoma sp.(?)
IMG_1427 merged copy

Golden Naped Barbet.
IMG_1049 copy

IMG_1069 copy

Eating berries, yum.
IMG_1061b copy

Phoxophrys cephalum
IMG_1145 copy

More tropical reptiles and amphibians here.

Phoxophrys cephalum
IMG_1172 copy

Phoxophrys cephalum
IMG_1548 copy

Phoxophrys cephalum
IMG_1534 copy

Phoxophrys cf. cephalum
IMG_1392 copy

Phoxophrys cf. cephalum
IMG_1397 copy

Rhacophorus baluensis
IMG_1513 copy

Rhacophorus baluensis
IMG_1518 copy

Rhacophorus baluensis
IMG_1469 copy

Rhacophorus baluensis
IMG_1473 copy

Juvenile Kerangas Bush Frog (Philautus saueri- ID credit: Jason Luke ) IMG_1487 copy

Juvenile Kerangas Bush Frog (Philautus saueri- ID credit: Jason Luke )
IMG_1485 copy

 Kerangas Bush Frog? (Philautus petersi?)
IMG_1411 merged copy

Kerangas Bush Frog? (Philautus petersi?)
IMG_1420 copy

Kerangas Bush Frog? (Philautus petersi?)
IMG_1408 stk copy

Kerangas Bush Frog? (Philautus petersi?)
IMG_1414 merged copy

Kerangas Bush Frog? (Philautus petersi?)
IMG_1403 copy

A juvenile Mossy Tree Frog (Philautus macroscelis - ID credit: Jason Luke)IMG_1355 merged copy

 Mossy Tree Frog (Philautus macroscelis - ID credit: Jason Luke)
IMG_1348 stk copy

 Mossy Tree Frog (Philautus macroscelis - ID credit: Jason Luke)
IMG_1345 copy

 Mossy Tree Frog (Philautus macroscelis - ID credit: Jason Luke)
IMG_1342 copy

More tropical amphibians and reptiles here.

All images taken with a Canon 40D with either:

a) Sigma 150 mm + 1.4x extender, with or without tripod, natural light, day time.
b) MP-E65 1x - 5x macro lens, MT-24EX, concave diffuser, night time.

However, if you are in Malaysia, try not to get Sigma as the service center is super slow. I sent my Sigma 150mm in for repair some time ago and it took them more than 2 months to repair it.


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