Friday, September 30, 2011

Sleeping wasps

This is a collection of all the sleeping wasps and bees I have encountered during night macro. You won't find them sleeping like this during daylight.

Sleeping blue cuckoo bee, Thyreus sp.
sleeping blue cuckoo bee, Thyreus sp IMG_9640 copy

profile shot
IMG_9621 copy

I don't like to sleep alone :D (Halictidae: Nomiinae)
A bunch of sleeping bees I don't like to sleep alone.............IMG_8889 copy

sleeping bees IMG_3003 merged copy

Blue banded bee
Sleeping bee, added canvas to fix central composition problem

Hover wasp (Vespidae: Stenogastrinae)
hover wasp (Vespidae: Stenogastrinae) Sleeping wasp...IMG_1154 copy

Another sleeping bee (Halictidae: Nomiinae)
sleeping bee macro IMG_3233 copy

Mud-dauber wasp (Sceliphrinae; Chalybion sp.)
Sleeping wasp...IMG_1144 copy

Scoliidae wasp
sleeping scoliidae wasp IMG_3213 copy

Larrinae under the family Crabronidae. This could be a Liris sp. or another genus such as Tachytes; the specimen will be needed for identification.(IDed by: Vespa bicolor)
larrinae family crabronidae IMG_0489 copy

The same sleeping wasp
larrinae family crabronidae  IMG_0472 copy

Sleeping bee (Genus: Amegilla; sub-genus: Glossamegilla - info credit: Zestin Soh and Doug Yanega). Selangor, Malaysia.
Sleeping Bee IMG_9103 copy

Two bees...IMG_8492 stk copy

As you can see, some of them sleep by locking their mandibles onto the perches/plants while the others just rest on the perches. All taken with a 40D, MP-E65, MT-24EX and DIY concave diffuser, full flash.

Other wasps and bees

A male crown wasp (Stephanidae).
male crown wasp - Stephanidae IMG_8678 copy


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