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Favorite Images from 2015

It is the time of the year to round up some of my favorite images taken in the year of 2015. Again, lots of herps (amphibians, reptiles) this year with many new species added to my collection.


More amphibians here.

#1 - I think this is possibly the cutest frog face in the world! Malaya Bug-eyed Frog (Theloderma leprosum). Malaysia.
Theloderma leprosum_MG_2748 stk copy

#2 - One of the most awesome frogs I've ever seen - Malaya Bug-eyed Frog (Theloderma leprosum). Malaysia. It looks quite similar to Theloderma horridum that I've seen before, only much bigger.
Theloderma leprosum_MG_2742 copy

#3 - Holy Smog! I love backlighting. It makes me look cool. It makes me look like Batman! Filmed entirely in a lowland forest in Malaysia. Starring: Juve Malayan Horned Frog (Megophrys nasuta).
Megophrys nasuta_MG_4103 copy

#4 - Find me!
Megophrys nasuta_MG_4138 copy

#5 - Malayan Flying Frog (Rhacophorus prominanus). Khao Sok National Park, Thailand.
Rhacophorus prominanus_MG_5119 copy

#6 - Cute little juvenile Frilled Tree Frog (Kurixalus sp.) - ID suggested by Herp Guide Parinya. Khao Sok National Park, Thailand
Kurixalus sp._MG_5088 copy

#7 - Hylarana eschatia (Chalcorana eschatia) - a common but beautiful frog from Khao Sok National park.
Chalcorana eschatia_MG_5068 copy

#8 - Norhayati's Flying Frog (Rhacophorus norhayatii). Malaysia.
Rhacophorus norhayatii_MG_2531 copy

#9 - Go ahead, take a nap. Norhayati's Flying Frog (Rhacophorus norhayatii). Malaysia.
Rhacophorus norhayatii_MG_6441 copy

#10 - Metamorph Twin-spotted tree frog (Rhacophorus bipunctatus).  Malaysia.
Rhacophorus bipunctatus_MG_2136 copy

#11 - Twin-spotted Flying Frog (Rhacophorus bipunctatus). on a wildflower. Montane forest, Pahang, Malaysia.
Rhacophorus bipunctatus_MG_9779 copy

#12 - Twin-spotted Flying Frogs (Rhacophorus bipunctatus) in amplexus. Malaysia.
Rhacophorus bipunctatus_MG_0092 copy

#13 - Twin-spotted Flying Frog (Rhacophorus bipunctatus), Malaysia.
Rhacophorus bipunctatus_MG_9571 copy

#14 - Smooth-skinned wart frog (Theloderma licin). Malaysia. Lifer for me.
Theloderma licin_MG_1028 copy

#15 - Larut Hills Rice Frog (Microhyla annectens). Pahang, Malaysia.
Microhyla annectens_MG_3551 copy

#16 - A tiny Tanahrata Wartfrog (Limnonectes nitidus).
Limnonectes nitidus_MG_3660 copy

#17 - I see you! Beautiful eyes of a Spotted Litter Frog (Leptobrachium hendricksoni). Malaysia.
Leptobrachium hendricksoni_MG_9232 copy

#18 - Butler's rice frog / Painted Chorus Frog / Tubercled Pygmy Frog (Microhyla butleri) in amplexus. Pahang, Malaysia.
Microhyla butleri_MG_9514 copy

#19 - A pair of Ornate Narrow-mouthed Frog (Microhyla fissipes) in amplexus. The male has one bad eye. Pahang, Malaysia.
Microhyla fissipes_MG_9517 copy

#20 - A pair of Dark-sided Chorus Frogs (Microhyla heymonsi) in amplexus. Pahang, Malaysia.
Microhyla heymonsi_MG_9561 copy

#21 - Chubby, colorful = cute! Meet Malacca Frog (Phrynella pulchra). Malaysia.
Phrynella pulchra_MG_9237 copy

#22 - Saffron-bellied Frog (Chaperina fusca). Malaysia.
Chaperina fusca_MG_9559 copy

#23 - A really big River Toad (Phrynoidis aspera). 7.5 in from snout to vent. Malaysia.
Phrynoidis aspera IMG_9669


More tropical snakes here.

#24 - This has to be one of the prettiest snakes I have ever seen in Malaysia. Speckled coral snake / Small-spotted coral snake (Calliophis maculiceps), Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia. Highly venomous!

Calliophis maculiceps_MG_6042 copy

#25 -  Speckled coral snake / Small-spotted coral snake (Calliophis maculiceps), Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia. Highly venomous!
Calliophis maculiceps_MG_6035 copy

#26 - This highly venomous but extremely shy Red-headed krait (Bungarus flaviceps) stayed still just for a moment before jumping into the river to escape. Malaysia.
Bungarus flaviceps_MG_1736 copy

#27 - A really beautiful Twin-barred Flying Snake (Chrysopelea pelias). Malaysia.
Chrysopelea pelias_MG_6376 copy

#28 - Twin-barred Flying Snake (Chrysopelea pelias). Malaysia.
Chrysopelea pelias_MG_6260 copy

#29 - Very lucky to have found this gorgeous Paradise Tree Snake (Chrysopelea paradisi). Malaysia.
Chrysopelea paradisi_MG_4491 copy

#30 -
Chrysopelea paradisi_MG_4496 copy

#31 - A happy Monty photographing the Striped Coral Snake (Calliophis intestinalis) he spotted. Pahang, Malaysia.
Calliophis intestinalis_MG_6138 copy

#32 - Pretty ribbon. Striped Coral Snake (Calliophis intestinalis) playing dead, again. They are really good at this! Highly venomous. Malaysia.
Calliophis intestinalis_MG_9318 copy

#33 - A young male Vogel's Pit Viper (Trimeresurus vogeli). Khao Yai National Park
_MG_0846 copy

#34 - Malayan Krait / Blue Krait (Bungarus candidus). This one twitched when I yelled (to get my friend to come over). Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia.
Bungarus candidus_MG_5789 copy

#35 - A medium sized White-bellied Rat Snake (Ptyas fusca) I found in Khao Sok. It was hunting and eating a skink but I didn't have my camera on a table nearby. De-ticked, photographed and released.
Ptyas fusca_MG_4984 copy

#36 - Red-necked Keelback (Rhabdophis subminiatus). Khao Sok National Park, Thailand.
Rhabdophis subminiatus_MG_4906 copy

#37 - A juvenile Gunther’s whip snake, Oriental Whipsnake, Asian vine snake, Jade Vine Snake (Ahaetulla prasina). Selangor, Malaysia.
Ahaetulla prasina_MG_4688 copy

#38 - While we were photographing this male Hagen's Pitviper (Trimeresurus hageni), a jumping spider (Salticidae - genus?) came to photobomb him! Malaysia.
Trimeresurus hageni_MG_5388 copy

#39 - Hagen's Pitviper (Trimeresurus hageni), Selangor, Malaysia.
Trimeresurus hageni_MG_2273 copy

#40 - A really beautiful juvenile female Wagler's Pit Viper (Tropidolaemus wagleri) with her forked tongue sticking out! Malaysia.
Tropidolaemus wagleri_MG_9674 copy

#41 - Williamson's Reed Snake (Collorhabdium williamsoni). Montane forest of Pahang, Malaysia.
Collorhabdium williamsoni_MG_4327 copy

#42 - Genting Highlands Reed Snake (Macrocalamus gentingensis), Pahang, Malaysia.
Macrocalamus gentingensis_MG_3145 copy

#43 - Low's Reed Snake / Lovi's Reed Snake (Calamaria lovii), Pahang, Malaysia.
Calamaria lovii_MG_3443 copy

#44 - Asian Slug Snake, Mountain Slug Snake, Mountain Snail Snake (Asthenodipsas vertebralis). Pahang, Malaysia.
Asthenodipsas vertebralis_MG_3341 copy

#45 - Smedley's Keelback / Cameron's Keelback (Amphiesma sanguineum / Hebius sanguineum), Pahang, Malaysia.
Hebius sanguineum_MG_4306 copy

#46 - Don't you just love the big big eyes of this super cute, even cartoonish juvenile Elegant Bronzeback (Dendrelaphis formosus)? Definitely one of the cutest snakes in Malaysia.
Dendrelaphis formosus_MG_4119 copy

#47 - Cute little Blue-necked Keelback / Blueneck Keelback (Macropisthodon rhodomelas) with full stomach, Selangor, Malaysia.
Macropisthodon rhodomelas_MG_3018 copy

Macropisthodon rhodomelas_MG_3033 copy

#49 - Spotted Keelback (Xenochrophis maculatus), Selangor, Malaysia.
Xenochrophis maculatus_MG_2670 copy

#50 - Dwarf Reed Snake, Cantor's Dwarf Reed Snake (Pseudorabdion longiceps), Pahang, Malaysia.
Pseudorabdion longiceps_MG_2236 copy

#51 - Barred Kukri Snake / Banded Kukri Snake (Oligodon signatus), Selangor, Malaysia.
Oligodon signatus_MG_2612 copy

#52 - All curled up. Blunt-headed Slug Snake (Aplopeltura boa). Malaysia.
Aplopeltura boa_MG_2462 copy

#53 - Cameron Highlands Pit Viper (Trimeresurus nebularis) with a Twin-spotted Flying Frog (Rhacophorus bipunctatus) prey. Pahang, Malaysia.
Trimeresurus nebularis eating Rhacophorus bipunctatus_MG_9813 copy

#54 - Mirkwood Forest Slug Snake (Asthenodipsas lasgalenensis). Montane forest of Pahang, Malaysia.
Asthenodipsas lasgalenensis_MG_9059 copy

#55 - This medium sized Painted Bronzeback (Dendrelaphis pictus) wasn't too happy having its pics taken. Threatened to bite too!. Selangor, Malaysia.
Dendrelaphis pictus_MG_8469 copy

#56 - If you like Ahaetulla sp.,  you'll love Ahaetulla mycterizans (Malayan Whip Snake). Just check out those big bulging eyes - super cute! Malaysia.
Ahaetulla mycterizans_MG_8491 copy

#57 - Strikingly beautiful juvenile Mangrove Snake/Golden Ringed Cat Snake (Boiga dendrophila). Malaysia.
Boiga dendrophila_MG_6006 copy


More tropical lizards here.

#58 - Juvenile Southern Titiwangsa Bent-toed Gecko (Cyrtodactylus australotitiwangsaensis). Pahang, Malaysia.
Cyrtodactylus australotitiwangsaensis_MG_2795 copy

#59 - Green-eyed Forest Gecko / Large Forest Gecko (Gekko smithii). Malaysia.
Gekko smithii_MG_3244 copy

#60 - Oldham's Bow Fingered Gecko (Cyrtodactylus oldhami complex). ID credit: Herp Guide Parinya. Khao Sok National Park, Thailand.
Cyrtodactylus oldhami_MG_5050 copy

#61 - Oldham's Bow Fingered Gecko (Cyrtodactylus oldhami complex). ID credit: Herp Guide Parinya. Khao Sok National Park, Thailand.
Cyrtodactylus oldhami_MG_5056 copy

#62- A well camouflaged Smooth-backed Gliding Gecko (Ptychozoon lionotum), Khao Yai National Park, Thailand.
_MG_0641 copy

#63 - Garnot's House gecko (Hemidactylus garnotii) with earwig prey. Khao Sok National Park, Thailand.
Hemidactylus garnotii_MG_5227 copy

#64 - Extremely cute and photogenic little Brown's (Wolf) Gecko / Brown’s Fringe Gecko (Luperosaurus browni) licking its eye. Malaysia.
Luperosaurus browni_MG_4726 copy

#65 - Kuhl's Flying Gecko (Ptychozoon kuhli). Always a treat to see them in the wild. Malaysia.
Ptychozoon kuhli_MG_5340 copy

#66 - Malaya False Bloodsucker, Yellow-throated Forest Agamid, Yellow-throated False Garden Lizard (Pseudocalotes flavigula). Malaysia.
Pseudocalotes flavigula_MG_3138 copy

#67 - Acanthosaura cardamomensis, Khao Yai National Park:
Acanthosaura cardamomensis 2015-06-21 08 copy

#68 - Profile shot of a Tokay gecko (Gekko gecko). Khao Yai National Park:
_MG_0948 copy

#69 - Up close with a Bell's Anglehead Lizard (Gonocephalus bellii). Malaysia.
Gonocephalus bellii_MG_6536 copy

#70 - Up close with a blue-eyed Malayodracon robinsonii, Cameron Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia. What should its new common name be? Robinson's Malayan Dragon?
Malayodracon robinsonii_MG_6578 copy


More beetles of Malaysia here.

#71 -Male Long-armed Scarab (Cheirotonus peracanus). Malaysia. Taken with the LaoWa 15mm wide angle macro lens.
Venus 15mm sample shot_MG_1848 copy

#72 - I was looking for snakes during the day when I spotted this rather clumsy Trilobite beetle (Platerodrilus hoiseni). Langkawi Island, Malaysia. Laowa 15mm on 70D, no flash.
Platerodrilus hoiseni_MG_5992 copy

#73- Beautiful Long-horned beetle with showy, pom pom antennae. Khao Sok National Park, Thailand. Aristobia approximator - ID credit: Numpueng Yuwanda, Antonio Giudici.
Aristobia approximator_MG_4930 copy

#74 - Beautiful longhorn beetle (Aegosoma giganteum). Pahang, Malaysia.
Aegosoma giganteum IMG_5658 copy

#75 - Beetles threesome.......!!!
Khao Sok National Park. Thailand.
Three beetles_MG_5205 copy

#76 - Mating pair of weevils. Gold Dust Weevil (Hypomeces squamosus). Khao Yai National Park
_MG_0528 copy

#77 - Stag beetle (Odontolabis femoralis). Taken with the Laowa 15mm F4 1:1 wide angle macro lens. 70D, diffused 270EX on hot shoe. Handheld.
Laowa 15mm sample shot_MG_1509

#78 - Longhorn beetle (Batocera sp.) with mites. Selangor, Malaysia.
Batocera sp._MG_8655 copy

#79 - Trilobite beetle. Malaysia. Platerodrilus hoiseni, formerly Duliticola sp., (Family: Lycidae)
Platerodrilus sp._MG_8522 copy

#80 - Up close with a wet jewel beetle (Chrysochroa fulminans) on a rainy night. Selangor, Malaysia.
Chrysochroa fulminans IMG_7840a copy

#81 -
Chrysochroa fulminans IMG_7851a copy


More lantern bugs / lanternflies here.

#82 - Lanternfly /lantern bug (Fulgoridae) - Pyrops ducalis. Khao Yai National Park:
IMG_6576 copy

#83 - How many bugs do you see in this image? Name all of them. Answers at the bottom of this image.
IMG_6538 copy
Answers: Fulgoridae - Pyrops ducalis, Alydidae - Riptortus pedestris and a masked assassin (Reduviidae - Reduvius sp.?)

#84 - Lanternfly /lantern bug (Fulgoridae) - Pyrops candelaria. Khao Yai National Park.
IMG_6571 copy

#85 - Lanternfly / lantern bug (Fulgoridae) - Saiva gemmata. Khao Yai National Park:
IMG_6534 copy

#86 - Lanternflies / lantern bugs (Fulgoridae) - Saiva gemmata. Khao Yai National Park
_MG_0564 copy

#87 - Pyrops karenius, Surat Thani, Thailand.
Pyrops karenius IMG_6933 copy

#88 - Trophobiosis between lantern bug and carpenter ants (Camponotus sp.). The lantern bug are Pyrops cultellatus yoshiakii  Nagai & Porion, 2002. Malaysia.
Trophobiosis_MG_8649 copy

#89 - Lanternfly / lantern bug (Fulgoridae) - Aphaena submaculata. Khao Yai National Park:
IMG_6500 copy

#90 - Lanternfly / lantern bug (Fulgoridae) - Aphaena cf. discolor. Khao Yai National Park:
IMG_6481 copy


More Orthoptera of Malaysia here.

#91 - Portrait shot of a handsome Dragon-head katydid (Lesina sp.). Malaysia.
Lesina sp._MG_2556 copy

#92 - Pinkish Raspy Cricket nymph (Gryllacrididae), highland of Pahang, Malaysia.
Gryllacrididae_MG_2857 copy

#93 - Nom nom nom. Cave cricket (Rhaphidophoridae) nymph enjoying fresh organic white mushroom. Selangor, Malaysia.
Rhaphidophorid_MG_4112 copy (2)

#94 - Beautiful katydid (Zulpha perlaria) from the highland of Pahang, Malaysia.
Zulpha perlaria_MG_2858 copy

#95 - Katydid nymph (Condylodera tricondyloides?) that mimics Tricondyla sp. tiger beetle?
Condylodera tricondyloides? IMG_5973 copy


More Lepidoptera here.

#96 - A stunning moth that was attracted to light at night. Montane forest, Malaysia. Erebus albicinctus, (Erebidae) - ID credit: JC Megabyte.
Erebus albicinctus_MG_4024 copy

#97 - Beautiful moth we found in Langkawi while herping up on a mountain in Langkawi at night. Erebidae - Erebus macrops - ID credit: John Horstman.
Erebus macrops_MG_5774 copy

#98 - Beautiful moth, Dysphania subrepleta. ID credit: Sankararaman Harihara Krishnan, Steven Chong, John Horstman.
Dysphania subrepleta_MG_5920 copy

#99 - Pink, hairy caterpillar (Trabala sp.) with a biting midge (Ceratopogonidae - Forcipomyia or Atrichopogon). Langkawi Island, Kedah, Malaysia. By habit, parasite of caterpillar, it may be Forcipomyia fuliginosa.- info credit: John Carr @
Trabala sp. with biting midge_MG_5860 copy

#100 - Prominent Moth Caterpillar (Fentonia baibarana, Notodontidae) ID credit: John Horstman.
Fentonia baibarana_MG_5656 copy

#101 - Moth: Erebidae, Arctiinae, Syntomini
Syntomini_MG_4785 copy

#102 - Lexias dirtea merguia - ID credit: LC Goh, Antonio Giudici. Khao Sok National Park, Thailand.
Lexias dirtea merguia_MG_4977 copy

#103 - Sphingidae, Smerinthinae - Amplypterus panopus panopus - suggested by Antonio Giudici.
Amplypterus panopus panopus_MG_3173 copy

#104 - Awesome camouflage. Fooled me! Nature is just so awesome! Erebidae, Erebinae, Hypopyrini - Hypopyra sp. - ID credit: Roger Kendrick.
Hypopyra sp. _MG_2924 copy

#105 - Beautiful, elegant white moth with backlighting. Geometridae, Ennominae
Ourapteryx sp., ID credit: Roger Kendrick. Montane forest of Pahang, Malaysia.
Ourapteryx sp._MG_3184 copy

#106 - Beautiful moth. Erebus ephesperis. Selangor, Malaysia.
Erebus ephesperis_MG_9879 copy

#107 - Love that cyan part of the hind wings. Ischyja marapok (Erebidae, Erebinae) - ID credit: Rob de Vos. Malaysia.
Ischyja marapok IMG_3510 copy

#108 - Owlet Moth (Noctuidae). Montane forest, Pahang, Malaysia. Eudocima salaminia.- ID suggested by Nuwan Chathuranga.
Eudocima sp. _MG_5503 copy


More Neuroptera of Malaysia here.

#109 - Adult antlion. Selangor, Malaysia. Distoleon sp.?
Distoleon sp.?_MG_6728 copy

#110 - Beautiful antlion. Distoleon sp.? Malaysia.
Distoleon sp.?_MG_6758 copy


More tropical ants here.

#111- At your service, Your Majesty! Two workers and a queen, Polyrhachis sp., Selangor, Malaysia.
Polyrhachis sp._MG_6694 copy


More tropical spiders here.

#112 - New skin old skin. Backlit shot of a newly molted house centipede (Scutigeridae) in "mantis shrimp" color scheme. Selangor, Malaysia.
Scutigeridae_MG_0341 copy

#113 - A proud mom (Coremiocnemis hoggi) with her bunch of "slings": Andy, Betty, Charles, Diane, Eugene, Frank, Ginny, Hank, Ian......Zack..Malaysia.
Coremiocnemis hoggi_MG_3379 copy

#114 -  Lychas scutilus scorpion, Johor, Malaysia.
Lychas scutilus IMG_6266 copy

#115 - UV illuminated shot of a Lychas scutilus scorpion.  Johor, Malaysia.
Lychas scutilus IMG_6258 copy

#116 - Giant Forest Scorpion (Heterometrus spinifer). Malaysia.
Heterometrus spinifer_MG_8568 copy

#117 - Giant armored trapdoor spider. Liphistius malayanus. Pahang, Malaysia.
Liphistius malayanus_MG_3306 copy

#119 - One of the coolest spiders of Malaysia, in my book. Long-horned Orb Weaver (Macracantha arcuata). Malaysia. Taken with the LaoWa 15mm F4 1:1 wide angle macro lens.
Macracantha arcuata IMG_6877 copy

#120 - One of the coolest spiders ever! Mouhot's rolled leaf spider (Poltys mouhoti). Malaysia.
Poltys mouhoti_MG_2827 copy

#121 - Tree-Stump Spider (Poltys sp) with spiky abdomen. Malaysia.
Poltys sp._MG_5763 copy

#122 - Check out this really cool "metallic" millipede! Malaysia. Reminds me of Driller the Decepticon in Transformer.
Metallic millipede_MG_3507 copy

#123 - This amazing Edentistoma sp. centipede mimics millipedes and prey on them too. Pahang, Malaysia.
Edentistoma sp._MG_2429 copy

#124 - A mating pair of Vinegaroons (Thelyphonida).
Vinegaroons_MG_6367 copy


#125 - Pangolin

#126 - Mouse deer: Tragulus kanchil - Lesser mouse deer or Lesser Indo-Malayan Chevrotain. Lowland forest of Selangor, Malaysia.
Tragulus kanchil_MG_0276 copy

#127 - Long-tailed giant rat (Leopoldamys sabanus) from lowland forest of Selangor, Malaysia.
Unidentified rat_MG_8458v2 copy


More mantids of Malaysia here.

#128 - One of the prettiest mantids of Malaysia - Orchid Mantis (Hymenopus coronatus). This one is a nymph. Malaysia.
Hymenopus coronatus_MG_5909 copy

#129 - Dead Leaf Mantids (Deroplatys lobata). Two males on one female! Malaysia.
Deroplatys lobata IMG_8026 copy

#130 - Right place at the right time. Backlit shot of a molting Banded Flower Mantis nymph (Theopropus elegans). Malaysia.
Theopropus elegans_MG_3559 copy


#131 - Young female Jungle Nymph (Heteropteryx dilatata) - ID confirmation: Bruno Kneubhhler, Montane forest of Pahang, Malaysia. Laowa 15mm on 70D, natural light.
Heteropteryx dilatata_MG_6487 copy

#132 - Mushrooms. Khao Sok National Park, Thailand. Laowa 15mm.
Mushrooms IMG_6894 copy

#133 - Robber fly (Asilidae - Ommatius sp.?) with shield bug prey.
IMG_6544 copy

#134 - Backlit teneral cicada resting on its old exoskeleton, while waiting for its body to harden before making its first flight. Malaysia.
Backlit cicada_MG_6544 copy

Emerging cicada_MG_3916 copy

#136 - White shield bug nymph. Tessaratomidae
White shield bug IMG_7798a copy

#137 - Female Scorpionfly. Khao Yai National Park
_MG_0484 copy

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