Thursday, January 23, 2014

First herping trip of 2014

Plan a herping / macro tour with us. More details here on Orion Herp Adventure Travel website.

Montane forest, Banjaran Bintag, Perak, Malaysia. Jan 3 to Jan 5, 2014. All images taken with a Canon 40D, Tamron AF 60mm f/2.0 , Canon 270EX II   , and DIY Diffuser. Mostly taken at night.

The first herp we found was this little Mock Viper (Psammodynastes pulverulentus)

Herping Malaysia Psammodynastes pulverulentus IMG_4854 copy

The only other species of snake we came across was Trimeresurus fucatus
Herping Malaysia Trimeresurus fucatus IMG_4881 copy

We found many of these. Unfortunately, these were the only two specie we found during our 3D/2N stay there.
Trimeresurus fucatus IMG_4811 copy

Trimeresurus fucatus IMG_4868 copy

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Moving on to amphibians.

Hylarana banjarana
Hylarana banjarana IMG_5131 copy

Xenophrys longipes
Xenophrys longipes IMG_5093 copy

Limnonectes kuhlii
Limnonectes kuhlii IMG_5240 copy

Ansonia malayana
Ansonia malayana IMG_4759 copy

Ansonia malayana IMG_5111 copy

Philautus vermiculatus. I think it's my most favorite frog of the whole trip :)
Philautus vermiculatus IMG_5107 copy

Philautus vermiculatus IMG_5072 copy

Philautus petersi in stressed colors.
Philautus petersi IMG_4933 copy

Philautus petersi
Philautus petersi IMG_5156 copy

Philautus petersi IMG_5055 stk copy

Leptolalax sp., probably Leptolalax heteropus (Variable Litterfrog) - suggested by hisno.
Leptolalax sp. IMG_5102 copy

Metaphrynella pollicaris. ID credit: hisno
Metaphrynella pollicaris IMG_5126 copy

More tropical herps here.


Cyrtodactylus quadrivirgatus
Cyrtodactylus quadrivirgatus IMG_5024 copy

Gekko monarchus
Gekko monarchus IMG_5012 copy

Gekko monarchus IMG_5018 copy

A juvenile Cyrtodactylus bintangtinggi
Cyrtodactylus bintangtinggi IMG_4777 copy

Cyrtodactylus bintangtinggi IMG_4789 copy

Adult Cyrtodactylus bintangtinggi
Cyrtodactylus bintangtinggi IMG_5034 copy

Definitely my most favorite lizard from this trip :)
Cyrtodactylus bintangtinggi IMG_5213 copy

Those eyes.......simply mesmerizing...
Cyrtodactylus bintangtinggi IMG_5216 copy

Pseudocalotes larutensis, stressed colors.
Pseudocalotes larutensis IMG_4827 copy

A different specimen. Sleeping at night.

Pseudocalotes larutensis IMG_5271 copy

Pseudocalotes larutensis IMG_5263 copy

It woke up after a few shots.
Pseudocalotes larutensis IMG_5268 copy

More tropical herps here.


A Heteropoda sp. huntsman spider with frog prey. The frog was a Philautus vermiculatus
Heteropoda sp. huntsman with frog prey IMG_5286 copy

Heteropoda sp. huntsman with frog prey IMG_5189 copy

Heteropoda sp. huntsman with frog prey IMG_5137 copy

More tropical spiders here.

Hemiplecta floweri
Hemiplecta floweri IMG_4770 copy

Hemiplecta floweri IMG_4768 copy

Another unidentified snail
Snail IMG_4821 copy

Monkey grasshopper
Monkey Grasshopper IMG_4863 copy

Systella rafflesii
Systella rafflesii IMG_5257 copy

Another grasshopper
Grasshopper IMG_5043 copy

Whip Spider (Amblypygi)
Amblypygi IMG_5085 copy

Pill Millipede
Pill millipede IMG_5039 copy

Limacodidae caterpillar
Colorful Limacodid caterpillar IMG_5197 copy

Beautiful longhorn beetle.  Eurybatus (Eurybatus) decempunctatus Westwood, 1848 (ID credit: Francesco Vitali)
Red longhorn beetle IMG_4959 copy

Red longhorn beetle IMG_4963 copy

Bubble bath time! A beautiful froghopper (Cercopidae).
Froghopper foam bath IMG_5090 copy

And last but not least, leeches! You don't have to look for them. They'll come for you whether you like it or not :D
Three Leeches IMG_5079 copy

Plan a herping / macro tour with us. More details here on Orion Herp Adventure Travel website.

All images taken with a Canon 40D, Tamron SP60 F2.0, Canon 270EX/270EX II speedlite and DIY Diffuser.


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