Saturday, April 14, 2012

Beautiful Eurybrachyidae laying eggs

I found this beautiful Eurybrachyidae planthopper, laying eggs on a tree trunk. I spent about 2 hours observing, photographing and taking movie clips of her and the egg laying process :)

IDed as Chalia pulchra (GRAY, 1832). Family: Eurybrachyidae. ID credit: Jerome Constant.

The tree was Endorspermum malaccense.

Location: Selangor, Malaysia.

GIF animation of the egg laying process at different stages:

Please wait for the gif animation to load!

fulgorid gif

fulgorid gif 2

At one point, an assassin bug nymph came quite close to her, but retreated. Later, an ant came. You see only the ant here but not the assassin bug.
fulgorid gif 3a

The assassin bug I mentioned previously.
Fulgorid - Eurybrachyidae - Chalia pulchra laying eggsIMG_3669 copy

Fulgorid - Eurybrachyidae - Chalia pulchra laying eggs..  IMG_3698 copy

I roughly counted and there were about 160 eggs.
Fulgorid - Eurybrachidae - Chalia pulchra laying eggsIMG_3708 copy

Friday, April 6, 2012

Tropical ants

My ants collection. Please correct me if you come across any ID mistakes :)

A bunch of Polyrhachis armata - (ID credit: Stephane De Greef)  ants with pupae, in between two leaves. Found them after a rather heavy downpour.
Polyrhachis sp. ants with pupae..IMG_0847 copy

A Camponotus sp. ant and a treehopper.
Camponotus sp. ant with treehopper.. IMG_9607 copy

A Camponotus sp. ant and a spittle bug nymph in the foam.
Camponotus sp. ant and spittle bug nymph..IMG_2294 copy

A group of yellow crazy ants attacking a beetle. For more beetles of Malaysia, click here.
Beetle outnumbered by yellow crazy ants IMG_9825 copy

Black queen ant (Polyrhachis sp.)with a red mite.
Black queen ant with mite ...IMG_9160 copy

Meranoplus sp.
Ant it cute?............IMG_2104 copy

Polyrhachis sp. queen ant.
Polyrhachis sp queen ant?...IMG_6531merged copy

Two Polyrhachis sp. ants having an argument.
Two Polyrhachis spp. ants having an argument.... :D

Another Polyrhachis sp. ant.
fish hook ant, Polyrhachis ant. IMG_8714 copy

Trap jaw ant
Trap jaw ant (IMG_3940 copy)

Trap jaw ant attacking a caterpillar
A trap jaw ant attacking a caterpillar..IMG_5802 copy

Polyrhachis sp. ant having a tug of war
Polyrhachis sp. ant fight...IMG_8708 DT copy

A robber fly with prey - winged ant. More robber flies here.
Robber fly with winged ant

Bluish ant, Calomyrmex sp. - ID credit: Dave General. For more cool, blue insect, click here.
bluish ant...Echinopla sp.?  IMG_0104 (2) copy

Bluish ant, Calomyrmex sp. with larva - ID credit: Dave General
Bluish ant, Echinopla sp. with pupa IMG_0326 copy

Crematogaster sp. ant?
Crematogaster  sp. ant...IMG_3386 copy

Dead ant, fungus victim.
Dead ant, fungus victim...IMG_9910 copy

A male ant-mimic crab spider Amyciaea lineatipes with prey - a weaver ant. More of these cool ant-mimic crab spiders here and here (mating shots :D).
A male ant-mimic crab spider Amyciaea lineatipes with prey - a weaver ant. IMG_9990 copy

Gnamptogenys sp. ant.
Gnamptogenys sp. ant..IMG_0281 copy

Gnamptogenys sp. ant with food.
Gnamptogenys sp. ant with food. IMG_7425 copy

A queen ant, Myrmicaria sp.
An ant queen, Myrmicaria sp.....IMG_9754 copy

A mating pair of assassin bugs with Myrmicaria sp. queen ant prey, and a voyeuristic yellow crazy ant:D. More bugs porn here.
Food, sex and TV. Mating assassin bugs with ant prey Myrmicaria sp queent ant.......:D IMG_4897 merged copy

Myrmicaria sp. ant
Myrmicaria sp. ant...IMG_0037 copy

A robber fly with queen ant prey. More robber flies here.
Laphria sobria robber fly with winged ant prey...IMG_9962 copy

Huntsman spider with ant prey. Night macro.  More tropical spiders here.
Huntsman with ant prey...IMG_8814 copy

A dead ant (Polyrhachis sp.) and an aphid. ID credit: James Trager
A dead ant with an aphid...IMG_9233 copy

Tetraponera sp. ant
Tetraponera sp. ant...IMG_0252 copy

Tetraponera sp. queen ant
Tetraponera sp.  queen ant...IMG_5065 copy

Camponotus sp. ant glued to the leaf. Not sure what was going on.
Camponotus sp. ant glued to the leaf...IMG_8789

Calomyrmex sp. ant - ID credit: Dave General
Camponotus sp. ant...IMG_0884 copy

Calomyrmex sp. ant. - ID credit: Dave General
Camponotus sp. ant...IMG_3265 copy

A dead Dinomyrmex gigas ant being eaten by a zombie ant Ophiocordyceps fungus
Camponotus gigas ant  being eaten by a zombie-ant Ophiocordyceps fungus...IMG_8046 copy

A dead Dinomyrmex gigas ant being eaten by a zombie ant Ophiocordyceps fungus
Camponotus gigas ant  being eaten by a zombie-ant Ophiocordyceps fungus...IMG_8063 copy

Dinomyrmex gigas ant under attack by Phoridae flies.
Camponotus gigas under attack by Phoridae flies...DSC_1403 copy

Dinomyrmex gigas ant carrying a dead grasshopper.
Camponotus gigas ant carrying a grasshopper...DSC_1881 copy

Camponotus sp. ant.
Camponotus sp. ant...IMG_0014 copy

Portrait of a major worker ant of Camponotus sp.
Major worker ant of Camponotus sp...IMG_9945 copy

Camponotus sp. queen ant
Camponotus sp. queen ant...IMG_8441 copy

Assassin bug nymph, Acanthaspis petax, with ant prey, and ant carcasses on its back.
Assassin bug nymph with ant prey and ant carcasses on its back...IMG_9228 copy

A Branded Imperial butterfly and an ant (Dolichoderinae, maybe Tapinoma melanocephalum.- ID credit: James Trager) . More butterflies here.
Branded Imperial butterfly and a yellow crazy ant..IMG_0337merged copy

The same Branded Imperial with the same ant, closer.
Branded Imperial butterfly with a yellow crazy ant...IMG_0332 copy

Weaver ants with dead male Dorylus sp ant. (ID credit: James Trager)
Weaver ants with dead wasp...IMG_1154 copy

Weaver ant biting me :D
Weaver ant biting me....IMG_3327 copy

Weaver ant queen
Weaver queen ant...IMG_8781 copy

A wet weaver ant queen
A wet Weaver ant queen....IMG_7753 copy

Two weaver ant queens
Two weaver ant queens? DSC_0187 copy

A young weaver ant queen and her new colony, with pupae at different stages of development.
weaver ant queen and her colony and pupae IMG_1739 copy

Crematogaster inflata
Crematogaster inflata ant....IMG_1180 copy

Three ants. Meranoplus sp.

Charmed :-) Three ants... DSC_6497

Polyrhachis sp. ants with pupae
Ants with pupae..IMG_0012 copy

A mated queen ant, Cataulacus sp.
A mated queen ant, Cephalotes sp..IMG_7849 copy

Tiny bathroom ant..about 1.35mm long, shot at 5X with the MP-E65. Tetramorium sp. - ID credit: James Trager.
Bathroom ant at 5X (IMG_6723 copy)

A Diacamma sp. ant, and a sow bug. Lit by a single 270EX on FMMB.
A Diacamma sp. ant, and a sow bug...IMG_2941 copy

A Malaysian black and gold huntsman and a fearless yellow crazy ant. More tropical spiders here.
Malaysian Black and Gold Huntsman and a yellow crazy ant..IMG_8834 copy

A mirid bug, Kosmiomiris rubroornatus, with Union Jack marking, and a tiny ant - Tapinoma sessile - ID credit: James Trager
Mirid bug and an ant...IMG_5668 copy

A tiger beetle with a dead ant's head on its antenna. More beetles of Malaysia here.
Tiger beetle with dead ant's head on its antenna...IMG_3010 copy

Ants and butterfly mutualism
Ants and butterfly mutualism....DSC_7082 copy

Male Camponotus 
Unknown queen ant...IMG_4221 copy

Dolichoderus sp. ant
Dolichoderus sp. ant..IMG_2119 copy

Polyrhachis sp. ant tending scale insects. Could be a Dolichoderus sp - suggested by James Trager
Polyrhachis sp. ant tending scale insects....IMG_0132 (2) copy

Polyrhachis sp. ant
Polyrhachis sp. ant...IMG_0075 copy

Marauder ant (Pheidologeton sp.). Minor workers, and a supermajor worker on a tree trunk at night.
marauder ant, Pheidologeton sp. IMG_3568 copy

Besides minor workers, supermajor worker, there is a major worker too in this image.
marauder ant , Pheidologeton sp. IMG_3477 copy

A hardworking weaver ant building nest at night, alone!
red weaver ant at work IMG_2887 copy

Male Ponerine ant
Male Ponerine ant IMG_7851 copy

All images taken with a Canon 40D,  MP-E 65 macro lens, and  MT-24EX Twin Lite.


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