Saturday, April 14, 2012

Beautiful Eurybrachyidae laying eggs

I found this beautiful Eurybrachyidae planthopper, laying eggs on a tree trunk. I spent about 2 hours observing, photographing and taking movie clips of her and the egg laying process :)

IDed as Chalia pulchra (GRAY, 1832). Family: Eurybrachyidae. ID credit: Jerome Constant.

The tree was Endorspermum malaccense.

Location: Selangor, Malaysia.

GIF animation of the egg laying process at different stages:

Please wait for the gif animation to load!

fulgorid gif

fulgorid gif 2

At one point, an assassin bug nymph came quite close to her, but retreated. Later, an ant came. You see only the ant here but not the assassin bug.
fulgorid gif 3a

The assassin bug I mentioned previously.
Fulgorid - Eurybrachyidae - Chalia pulchra laying eggsIMG_3669 copy

Fulgorid - Eurybrachyidae - Chalia pulchra laying eggs..  IMG_3698 copy

I roughly counted and there were about 160 eggs.
Fulgorid - Eurybrachidae - Chalia pulchra laying eggsIMG_3708 copy

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