Friday, August 16, 2013

Krabi Macro Trip

Some of the creatures we found while on a macro trip to Krabi, Thailand.

A harvestman with raindrops and mites on its legs.
IMG_9779 copy

Antlion larva we found under the stilt house
IMG_9510 copy antlion larva, Myrmeleon sp.

Adult antlion, Myrmeleon sp.
IMG_9730 merged copy antlion Myrmeleon sp.
For more Neuropterans of Malaysia, click here.

IMG_9714 copy  antlion Myrmeleon sp.

Tokay gecko (Gekko gecko)
IMG_9843 merged copy Tokay Gecko (Gekko gecko)
For more cool reptiles and other herps of Malaysia, click here.

IMG_9850 copy Tokay Gecko (Gekko gecko)

A cute Acanthosaura cf. crucigera (ID credit: hisno) baby lizard we found sleeping at night
IMG_9685 copy Acanthosaura cf. crucigera lizard

Another baby lizard we woke up at night, Calotes emma
IMG_9832 copy baby lizard Calotes emma

And another...
IMG_9491 merged copy baby lizard Calotes emma

Draco volans sleeping on a tree at night.
IMG_9695 copy Draco volans

A gravid female  Calotes emma. 
IMG_9436 copy a gravid Calotes emma

Another female Calotes emma
IMG_9808 copy Calotes emma

IMG_9816 copy

Another female...too many of this species...yawn..
IMG_9569 copy

A male Calotes emma
IMG_9463 copy male Calotes emma

A Fulgorid (lantern bug), Prolepta sp. we found on a tree at night.
IMG_9669 merged copy Prolepta sp. lantern bug

IMG_9741 copy Fulgoridae, Prolepta sp.

Lantern bug - beautiful Pyrops karenia
Lantern bug - Pyrops karenia (IMG_9563 copy)
For more gorgeous lantern bugs of Malaysia, click here.

IMG_9561 copy lantern bug, Pyrops karenia

Delphacidae planthopper
IMG_9683 copy Delphacidae planthopper

Euchomenella sp. mantis
IMG_9789 copy Euchomenella sp. mantis
For more tropical mantis of Malaysia, click here.

Gimantis sp. or at least a close genus. ID suggested by Dracus, UKmantisforum.
IMG_9774 copy Gimantis sp. mantis

Black Nemertean ribbon worm
IMG_9697 copy Nemertean ribbon worm

Apogonia sp. beetle outnumbered by Oecophylla smaragdina ants
IMG_9524 copy Apogonia sp. beetle captured by Oecophylla smaragdina ants
More tropical ants here.

Weevil in trouble
IMG_9525 copy weevil in trouble

Hersilia sp. spider with spider prey
IMG_9691 copy Hersilia sp. spider with prey
More tropical spiders here.

Trilobite beetle, Duliticola hoisensi
IMG_9765 copy Trilobite beetle, Duliticola hoiseni
More amazing beetles of Malaysia here.

Female Longhorn beetle, Remphan hopei
IMG_9651 copy Longhorn beetle, Remphan hopei

Fungus weevil
IMG_9517 copy Fungus Weevil

Pandercetes sp. lichen huntsman spider we found during day time.
Pandercetes sp. spider IMG_9470 copy
More tropical spiders here.

A red palm weevil look-alike. Still no firm ID.
IMG_9853 merged copy
More weevils here.

Family Thyrididae (Info credit: Doug Yanega)
IMG_9827 merged copy

Olive Tree Skink, Dasia olivacea
IMG_9760 copy
More tropical reptiles here.

Longhorn beetle, Batocera sp.?
IMG_9797 copy

Fungus weevil
IMG_9599 copy

Flatidae hopper with parasitic midge?
IMG_9581 copy

A moldy long legged fly, Dolichopodidae.
IMG_9518 copy

A well camouflaged katydid.
IMG_9429 copy
More masters of camouflage here.

Planodes sp. longhorn beetle
IMG_9419 copy Planodes sp. longhorn beetle

All images were taken with a Canon 40D, on either

(a) 150mm macro lens + 1.4x extender, mostly on tripod, or
(b) MP-E65 1X - 5X macro lens, MT-24EX twin flash, and concave diffuser.


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