Friday, September 30, 2011

Sleeping wasps

This is a collection of all the sleeping wasps and bees I have encountered during night macro. You won't find them sleeping like this during daylight.

Sleeping blue cuckoo bee, Thyreus sp.
sleeping blue cuckoo bee, Thyreus sp IMG_9640 copy

profile shot
IMG_9621 copy

I don't like to sleep alone :D (Halictidae: Nomiinae)
A bunch of sleeping bees I don't like to sleep alone.............IMG_8889 copy

sleeping bees IMG_3003 merged copy

Blue banded bee
Sleeping bee, added canvas to fix central composition problem

Hover wasp (Vespidae: Stenogastrinae)
hover wasp (Vespidae: Stenogastrinae) Sleeping wasp...IMG_1154 copy

Another sleeping bee (Halictidae: Nomiinae)
sleeping bee macro IMG_3233 copy

Mud-dauber wasp (Sceliphrinae; Chalybion sp.)
Sleeping wasp...IMG_1144 copy

Scoliidae wasp
sleeping scoliidae wasp IMG_3213 copy

Larrinae under the family Crabronidae. This could be a Liris sp. or another genus such as Tachytes; the specimen will be needed for identification.(IDed by: Vespa bicolor)
larrinae family crabronidae IMG_0489 copy

The same sleeping wasp
larrinae family crabronidae  IMG_0472 copy

Sleeping bee (Genus: Amegilla; sub-genus: Glossamegilla - info credit: Zestin Soh and Doug Yanega). Selangor, Malaysia.
Sleeping Bee IMG_9103 copy

Two bees...IMG_8492 stk copy

As you can see, some of them sleep by locking their mandibles onto the perches/plants while the others just rest on the perches. All taken with a 40D, MP-E65, MT-24EX and DIY concave diffuser, full flash.

Other wasps and bees

A male crown wasp (Stephanidae).
male crown wasp - Stephanidae IMG_8678 copy


  1. very very beautiful shots Master Kurt! :)

  2. An amazing collection, Kurt! How I envy the diversity you have in Malaysia.

    By the way, I am now also using a similar concave diffuser. Thanks for the tip on that!

  3. Thank for dropping by and commenting, Tom, JW, Adrian.

    Adrian, just checked out your new images...very nice light!

  4. AWESOME!!!... Now I'm really in love in macro photography. Outstanding macro collections. I hope I can learn from you

  5. Awesome!!!!I like!I like! it a lot!!! :)

  6. this is some beautiful work, such vibrant colours. I love it!!! :)

  7. You are amazing Kurt, so talented. I love the pink in the back round of some of these, I don't know why...Its compelling. Thank you for being you!



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