Saturday, February 7, 2009

I shot a snake with an MP-E65mm 1X-5X macro lens :D

I've always had this crazy idea of shooting a wild snake with an MP-E65 1X-5X macro lens. Today at FRIM, i saw a small one, about 6-8inches. I was joking with a_manson if i should go ahead and shoot the snake. The next thing i knew, i already snapped two shots of the "almost cute" little snake. The snake got did I...oh and i screamed too (like a school girl) LMAO..

The working distance at 1X was 4 inches.

MPE65 snake shot (IMG_4318 copy)

I am terrified of snakes LOL...but the little voice in my camera asks me to go ahead and do it. It has made me done so before and it's doing this again! 

asian pit viper DSC_6127 copy

The first snake image was shot with an MPE65.

Edit: my second snake shot with the MPE65:

Dendrelaphis striatus, Cohn's bronze back snake.
MPE65 snake shot Cohn's bronze back snake!!! IMG_4467 copy

My third MPE65 snake portrait: Tropidoleamus subannulatus, formerly a subspecies of wagleri but now has full species status

MPE65 viper portrait.....IMG_8726 copy Tropidoleamus subannulatus

I got a 2x shot of it too:
MPE65 2x pit viper portrait....IMG_8734 copy

Me photographing a mock viper, Psammodynastes pulverulentus
orionmystery aka kurt photographing a mock viper snake IMG-20120801-WA0002 copy

mock viper Psammodynastes pulverulentus portrait IMG_8139 copy

mock viper, Psammodynastes pulverulentus. IMG_8146 copy

Paradise tree snake (Chrysopelea paradisi). 150mm with 1.4x teleconverter.
Paradise tree snake (<i>Chrysopelea paradisi</i>) IMG_9811 copy

Paradise tree snake (<i>Chrysopelea paradisi</i>) IMG_9819 copy

Paradise tree snake (<i>Chrysopelea paradisi</i>)  IMG_9844 copy

Keel-bellied whip snake (Dryophiops rubescens)
Keel-bellied whip snake (<i>Dryophiops rubescens</i>) IMG_4781 copy

Keel-bellied whip snake (<i>Dryophiops rubescens</i>) IMG_4776 copy

Pink Head Reed Snake (Calamaria schlegeli)
IMG_8965 copy Calamaria schlegeli, pink headed reed snake

IMG_8949 copy Pink Headed Reed Snake, Calamaria schlegeli


  1. Nice! For the first one :P 2nd one you need a longer lens :P

  2. Thanks Nick. Yeah..the 2nd one was bigger and more scary. Need a 300 f2.8 for that :D



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