Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Tropical Flora

Sharing some of the wonderful tropical flora of Malaysia. Learning to shoot flowers (and plants) here. Not easy but i knew that already :D. Flowers are so beautiful and elegant, and they are best complemented with nice light and bokeh. Of course, since most flowers are so big (compared to most bugs, LOL), you need to decide where to place the Depth of Field.

All taken with a Canon 40D and Sigma 150mm F/2.8 macro lens, mostly with natural light.

Not getting the bokeh i wanted, even with the Sigma 150mm. Perhaps i need a 180mm.

Not sure of its ID
IMG_5207 copy

Dendrobium crumenatum, white wild orchid
Dendrobium crumenatum IMG_5271 copy

Bamboo orchid

Cup mushroom
cup mushroom IMG_5255 copy

Bamboo orchid
IMG_5359 copy

another orchid
IMG_5338normal copy

purple waterlily...the bee insisted on being there.
IMG_5610 copy

yellow orchid, looks like top view of a bug :D
IMG_5417 copy

wild mushroom on decaying tree trunk IMG_2057 copy

fern IMG_6955 copy

Bird's Nest Fern
Bird's nest fern IMG_7471 copy

Wild flowering vine
wild flowering vine IMG_0974 copy

Pitcher plant
pitcher plant nepenthes IMG_8079 copy

anthurium IMG_3801 copy

Green orchid
green orchid IMG_6936 copy

Some kind of creeper, climbing fig (Ficus sp.?)
creeper climbing fig, ficus sp. IMG_9663b copy

Backlit fungus
backlit fungus IMG_5951 stk copy

Rafflesia cantleyi. More about it here.

IMG_8846 copy

IMG_5583 copy

All the images above were shot with natural light, with tripod whenever I could, and reflector when necessary. When on tripod, I use the 2-second timer (because I don't have a cable release or wireless remote), Live View (to enable Mirror Lock Up, MLU). More info here.


  1. This bokeh looks fine to me. What do you need la, creamy ones like 85mm? :P

  2. Yes...creamy until i gain weight just looking at IT....:D



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