Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mating pair of giraffe weevils

A mating pair of  giraffe weevil / long necked beetle, Paracycnotrachelus sp.

Ever since i spotted my first giraffe weevil back in March 8, 2008, I have been on the look out for for a mating pair.

Finally, I got lucky on Oct 9, 2010.

We found not just one but  two mating pairs on that day!
IMG_9969 copy

mating pair of giraffe weevils IMG_9899 copy

mating pair of giraffe weevils IMG_9901 copy

mating pair of giraffe weevils IMG_9996 copy

If you search "giraffe weevil" on, you can actually find my first giraffe weevil image right on top of the result page! I think it's a sign that I have shot too many of these super cute giraffe weevils.

Oh, you can view the mating animation here:

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  1. Great shots Kurt! How large are these weevils?

  2. Thanks Adrian. These weevils were about 8 to 12mm big, including the neck :)

  3. Wow. I like the last shot the best.

  4. Those are some spectacular shots. I, too, like the last one best.

    (p.s. I just made a concave diffuser like yours and will be trying it out today with some tiger beetles.)

    (p.p.s. if you haven't checked out Troy's blog, he has spectacular insect macro photographs as well!)

  5. Woah, sorry about that - your form repeatedly said "Open ID credentials could not be verified" so I kept clicking until it passed. Then all these duplicate comments appeared. Hopefully you can delete the extras.

  6. Thanks Ted. No worries.

    Just checked out Troy's blog. Great stuff there!

    I hope you'll like the new concave diffuser. Have fun trying it out. Can't wait to see the shots from that.



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