Monday, November 22, 2010

Colugo aka flying lemur from Langkawi

I was in Langkawi as one of the four guest speakers for the Langkawi Birding & Fotofest (Nov 19 - 21). As soon as I arrived at the hotel at Datai Bay in the evening on the 18th, one of the friendly staff there showed me a colugo perching on a tree near the hotel porch. I had only the Tamron 17-50 with me though at that time. This was shot with the pop-up flash at high ISO. Not a good one but okay as a record shot of an active colugo.

This was how a "normal" nature photographer (like me) would shoot a cute and rather rare creature like Colugo aka flying lemur.

colugo flying lemur IMG_5203 copy

Luckily, a friend of mine in Langkawi - Madi, was kind enough to loan me his Tamron SP90.

I started looking for these cologos again when I had time on day 3. I finally found one perching on a tree at a height of about 10 feet. Lowest I could find of all three I saw that day.
colugo flying lemur IMG_5604 copy

I climbed up this wall, which was about chest high.
IMG_5595 copy

All I could get was back view though. Good to have a shot of this nevertheless.
colugo flying lemur IMG_5578 copy

Then I saw a pail. Stood on it for a few shots. Not good enough. Then I found some bricks. Still not good enough. More bricks. Still not very good.
IMG_5930 copyIMG_5652 copyIMG_5722 copy

Even more bricks. Five layers, then six, finally seven!
IMG_5724 copyIMG_5894 copyIMG_5896 copy

After the labor of brick laying, this was that shot I managed to get.
colugo flying lemur IMG_5862 copy

I even borrowed a ladder at one point but the work in progress ladder could only be used when leaned against the wall. That end result wasn't that different from climbing up the wall.
IMG_5679 copy

This was the shot I got from up on the ladder:
colugo flying lemur IMG_5583 copy

I would have attempted more layers of bricks. But I wasn't very confident of my bricklaying skill and balancing skill.

Edit: a few more shots from my 2011 Langkawi trip:

colugo staring at me IMG_8151 copy

mother colugo with baby IMG_8420 copy

colugo mom with baby IMG_8413 (2) copy

Galeopterus variegatus IMG_8406 copy

Galeopterus variegatus IMG_8408 copy


  1. Fun - the last shot is the winner.

    The lengths we go to sometimes to get that shot!

  2. Very fun indeed, Ted :D....i spent at least an hour to photograph that colugo :D

  3. Langkawi promises lots n lots of this kind. How interesting to see such amazing creatures upclosed.



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