Friday, July 8, 2011

Maliau Basin - Part II

Maliau Basin trip report, Part II. You can find Part I here.

Violin beetle
violin beetle IMG_6260 copy

Jewel beetle, Catoxantha opulenta
jewel beetle IMG_7512 copy

Dead leaf mantis, Deroplatys truncata
dead leaf mantis deroplatys truncata IMG_6101 copy

Fishfly -  Neochauliodes borneensis (van der Weele, 1909), belonging to the subfamily Chauliodinae of family Corydalidae. Male adults.
fishfly or lacewing IMG_6550 merged copy

Mating pair of green lantern bugs, Pyrops shiinaorum shiinaorum
mating pair of green lantern bug Pyrops shiinaorum shiinaorum IMG_6748 copy

Green lantern bug, Pyrops shiinaorum shiinaorum
green lantern bug Pyrops shiinaorum shiinaorum IMG_6797 copy

Lantern bug, Pyrops sultana
white lantern bug Pyrops sultana IMG_7325 copy

Handsome longhorn beetle, Cyriopalus pascoei, Thomson, 1878, male.
longhorn beetle male Cyriopalus pascoei IMG_7326 copy

longhorn beetle Cyriopalus pascoei IMG_7332 copy

Handsome rhinoceros beetle, Chalcosoma mollenkampi.
male rhinoceros beetle Chalcosoma mollenkampi IMG_6585 copy

Rhino beetle, Chalcosoma atlas
IMG_7350 copy

Gonocephalus borneensis or G. liogaster?
gonocephalus liogaster or borneensis IMG_6313 copy

Frog, Staurois natator, Black spotted rock frog
frogIMG_6915 copy

owlfly IMG_7152 copy

owlfly IMG_7137 copy

Stag beetle
stag beetle IMG_6846 copy

A lovely white beetle
white beetle IMG_7020b copy

Euchomenella sp- Malaysian Long Neck Mantis, Giraffe Mantis
Euchomenella sp- Malaysian Long Neck Mantis, Giraffe Mantis IMG_7586 copy


  1. Hi, the insect which you named it "Antlion(?)", I think it is called Lacewing,that is what I've read from my encyclopedia.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. It looks like a lacewing but should be an antlion. I have photographed a few lacewings before.

  4. Wow Kurt I am amazed with the beautiful array of creatures you have discovered on your recent trip all so beautifully photographed. Just brilliant and need to be seen by many more people!

  5. Thanks Mel. It's a great place for nature lovers:).



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