Friday, February 15, 2013

Assassin bugs

My assassin bug collection. All from Malaysia.

Merged from 6 images (3x2) in CS3. Merging tutorial can be found here.
Food, sex and TV. Mating assassin bugs with ant prey.......:D IMG_4897 merged copy

mating assassin bugs with prey IMG_4883 copy

Found this at night.
Assassin bug........? IMG_8783 merged copy

Thread legged assassin bug with mantis-like claws. Not sure if it's a Emesaya sp. or Stenolemus sp. or something else?
Thread legged assassin bug ...IMG_6729 copy

Another one, not sure if it's similar to the above
IMG_6753 merged copy

And another..
IMG_8915 copy

A bunch of assassin bugs of different instar stages on a tree trunk
IMG_1064 copy

Close up on one of them. No wings yet.
IMG_3057 copy

The most mature instar on that tree trunk, with wings.
IMG_3054 copy

Acanthaspis sp. assassin bug nymp with ant carcasses on its back, and a prey in its proboscis!
acanthaspis sp. assassin bug nymph IMG_9235 copy
The camouflage is to protect the bug from being preyed on by jumping spiders. Read about it here.

Acanthaspis sp. with ant carcasses on its back
Acanthaspis sp. assassin bug nymph IMG_9489 copy

Masked hunter, Reduvius sp.
masked hunter Reduvius sp. IMG_9906 copy

Masked hunter, Reduvius sp. with more debris/dirt on its back.
masked hunter, Reduvius sp. IMG_3717 copy

I think it's a masked hunter (Reduvius sp.?) but this is my first time seeing one with not just dirt/debris on its body. Many of them too but this one takes the cake - moss, ant carcasses, dirt/debris, you name it - this masked hunter(?) has it all :D. Oh, I forget to mention the roach ootheca! Reminds me of Acanthaspis sp. with just ant carcasses but no dirt/debris on the abdomen.
reduvius sp. or acanthaspis sp.? assassin bug nymph IMG_3319 stk copy

On the same tree trunk but only dirt/debris and ant carcasses on its back. A cerci of an earwig too i think?
reduvius sp.? or acanthaspis sp.? IMG_3589 copy

Acanthaspis inermis
Acanthaspis inermis IMG_3483 copy

IMG_1151 copy

IMG_9206 copy

IMG_9960 copy

IMG_0789 copy

 Haematoloecha sp. maybe nigrorufa.
IMG_2939 copy

IMG_7295 copy

Yellow Reduviid (Cosmolestes picticeps (Stål, 1859) with wasp prey.
IMG_0631 copy

IMG_0663 copy

IMG_0032 copy

A newly molted Cosmolestes picticeps?
a newly molted <i>Cosmolestes picticeps </i>IMG_3709 copy

Inara sp.
Inara sp. IMG_9202 copy

A red assassin bug caught in a spider web.
a red assassin bug caught in a spider web....IMG_3372 copy

A mating pair of red assassin bug. More bugs porn here.
a mating pair of red assassin bug IMG_9464 copy

DSC_6122 copy



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