Friday, May 24, 2013

Semachrysa jade in top 10 species 2013 list

Top 10 New Species 2013 is published by International Institute for Species Exploration (IISE), Arizona State University. The top ten were selected from more than 140 nominated species out of an estimated 18,000 species named last year.

My beautiful lacewing (Semachrysa jade Winterton & Guek & Brooks, 2012) is lucky to make it to the top 10!

More gorgeous Neuropterans of Malaysia here.

Semachrysa jade new lacewing species IMG_1663 copy

Semachrysa jade new lacewing species . - IMG_0155 merged copy

Semachrysa jade new lacewing species IMG_1630 copy
More about how I found the beautiful new species here.

The news release published by IISE on May 23, 2013 has since been picked up by many other websites:

And on this one, they called it a "butterfly" :D

Called a butterfly too in this site

All images were taken with Canon 40D, MP-E65, MT-24EX and concave diffuser.

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