Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A huge, orange robber fly with prey

The first and last were single exposures, unstacked. The second shot was stacked from two images in Adobe Photoshop CS3 manually. Tutorial on manual focus stacking is here.

All images shot with a Canon 40D, Canon MP-E65 1X-5X macro lens and Canon MT-24EX Twin Flash with DIY Diffuser.

For the vertical shots, i turned my Canon MT-24EX Twin Flash 90 degrees CCW before closing in on my subject.

IMG_6296 copy

robberfly stacked copy

IMG_6305 copy

Check out some of my favorite robber fly shots here.


  1. i am wondering how you can place your camera so close to the subject without disturbing it.

  2. Thanks for dropping by loitc. Sometimes when the subject is feeding, mating, preening, they'd let you get really close.



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