Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tips on getting sharp macro images!

More slr macro photography tips in this post :). Just a few non technical tips on ways to stabilize yourself when shooting macro photography. Very simple tips but these will improve your odds of getting sharper macro images! Check these out and make them work for you the next time you go for macro.

Photo courtesy of Leong Sherney. Me in action. I used a pvc tube as my monopod. You can use a monopod too. It greatly reduces the up-down movement and significantly improves your odds of getting sharper shots.
24722_379723223287_677408287_3664520_4790443_n leong sherney

Photo courtesy of Anthony Ng. Holding a leaf with the subject on it - a spider. I often shoot this way, as mentioned in this other thread - Macro Technqiue shooting Bee fly on hand one handed
me kurt at rimba kiara

Photo courtesy of Sam Cheong. Forgot what I was shooting. Weaver ants or fly. The setup was Canon 40D, Canon MPE65 1X-5X Macro Lens and Canon MT24EX Twin Flash with DIY Concave Diffuser. Notice i had my left hand on the branch to stabilize myself? I find ways to stabilize myself whenever I can. I also try to look if there are any weaver ants too though before leaning! :D
24536_379662257331_522462331_3648974_1712652_n sam cheong

Photo courtesy of Leong Sherney. I get down on my knees a lot. Another way of stabilizing yourself.
24722_379723233287_677408287_3664522_2162276_n leong sherney

Photo courtesy of Leong Sherney - a pair of mating ant-mimic crab spiders running on my arm...hmm...think i need some moisturizer.
24722_379723258287_677408287_3664526_7925402_n leong sherney

Photo courtesy of Anthony Ng. A male ant-mimic jumping spider on my finger :D
ant mimic spider on my hand

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