Friday, August 13, 2010

Using clone tool to enhance image

Another SLR macro photography tip and also Photoshop post processing tips. Since we don't always get to choose the perfect background when shooting macro, or any other genre of photography, sometimes we just have to make use of digital photography software such as the Adobe Photoshop to enhance the background and/or other aspect of our macro shot.

Since i normally prefer my macro images to have nice, clean background, I sometimes use the clone stamp tool in photoshop (CS3) to remove unwanted elements in my images.

All images here were shot with a 40D, Sigma 150mm F2.8 and MT24EX Macro Twin Flash.

This is what the image looks like before i use the clone stamp tool to remove that blade of grass on the left and another blade at the bottom right.
Damselfly with cricket prey.........IMG_3013 b4 copy

Just some quick work there so the end result is a bit blotchy, but I am sure you get the idea.
Damselfly with cricket prey.........IMG_3013 copy

Basically, I just use the clone stamp tool to clone out/remove the grass, then clone in the antenna.

Fortunately there are many useful video tutorials you can find on youtube.

A really good example here:

This one is great too, but don't watch it if you're offended by vulgar words in it:

Here is another one. Sorry embedding disabled by the author:

Now that you have read about this slr macro photography tip / photoshop post processing tip, it's time to try it out yourself.

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