Sunday, May 15, 2011

Another giraffe weevils!

Another type of giraffe weevils / leaf rolling weevils spotted. Very similar to the Cycnotrachelus sp. that I have often seen and photographed, but instead of on the Bridelia sp host plant, these were found of a different type of host plant, with relatively smaller leaves. No ID on the plant yet.

Giraffe weevil, male, body length approximately 9mm including the neck, and 5.6mm excluding the neck.

IDed as Leptapoderus (Soendapoderus) semirufus (Faust, 1883). Thanks to Andrei from The leaf-rolling weevils (Coleoptera:  Rhynchitidae, Attelabidae) of the world fauna
long necked beetle/leaf rolling beetle IMG_1404 copy
ID credit:

A male Paracycnotrachelus sp. giraffe weevil was found on similar host plant just a few feet apart. Body length approximately 10mm including the neck, and 6mm excluding the neck. This same species of leaf rolling weevils have been found on Bridelia sp plant as well.
male giraffe weevil with long neck IMG_9603 copy
Male giraffe weevil image courtesy of Jasrul.

The host plant, no ID yet.
giraffe weevil host plant RIMG0635 copy

leaf rolling beetle host plant RIMG0636 copy

leaf rolling weevil host plant with nitidi RIMG0641 copy

The nitidi (mini popiah)
giraffe weevil nest/nitidi IMG_1422 copy

A closer look at the leaf
host plant leaf giraffe weevils IMG_1423 copy

Other types of giraffe weevils/leaf rolling beetles I have documented:

Paracycnotrachelus sp. on Bridelia sp. host plant

Spiny giraffe weevils


  1. Master Kurt! that's a berry cute gee-wee!
    hm...i wonder if leaf rolling weevil breed with other type of giraffe weevil?


  2. Thanks JW. LOL.don't think they cross breed, but according to the IDs, they sure don't mind sharing the same host plant :D

  3. Dear Kurt:

    Do you often use ring flash?
    I saw your weevil take off in 2010 POTY shortlist..

  4. Hi Shammera, i am not a ring flash fan. Really dislike the catch lights in certain subject's eyes from ring flash. See this:

    You can use just a single 270 like this:

  5. Dear Kurt:
    Thanks for sharing...lucky i'm not invest in Ring flash yet.. i like NL anyway..

    What do you think Canon 100mmL IS USM compare to tamron 90mm?



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