Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Trilobite beetle and lookalike

I finally found my first Trilobite beetle. Well, actually, it was found by my friend, David Fischer. Anyway, when I saw it, I thought it was just another firefly larva (Lampyridae), just like the one I found in Sg Krau, Raub about a month ago!

So here it is, the magnificent Trilobite beetle, natural light. Found in Selangor, Malaysia.
Trilobite beetle...IMG_2574 copy

Top view of the same Trilobite beetle:
Trilobite beetle...IMG_2586 copy

Side view
Trilobite beetle...IMG_2609 copy

A different type of Trilobite found in Sarawak, Borneo.
Trilobite beetle...IMG_7347 merged copy

Trilobite beetle...IMG_7348 merged copy

And now the Trilobite look-alike that got me excited for the wrong reason:D. As mentioned, I found this about a month ago in Sg Krau Forest Reserve, Raub.
firefly larva Lampyridae IMG_0668 copy

It's actually a firefly larva (Lampyridae)
Firefly larva, Lampyridae IMG_0699 copy

Firefly larva, Lampyridae IMG_0721 copy

Well, the next time I come across another one of these, I think I will just turn it over to check if there is any light emitting organ on the tip of the abdomen!

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