Sunday, October 21, 2012

CW's macro rig

CW's macro rig. Canon 7D, Tamron SP90 (and extension tubes), 270EX II, FMMB and concave diffuser. You can find some info on FMMB here and here.

More macro rigs here.

All images by Cheewai.

270EX II (wireless) on FMMB (Front Mounted Macro Bracket, which allows the speedlight unit to always stay in front even as you zoom and the lens extends out.
CW's macro rig IMG_4590
You can find some info on FMMB here and here. There are other options as well besides FMMB as mentioned here.

The same setup from a different angle.
cw's macro rig IMG_4587

Side view, with a big concave diffuser attached.
concave diffuser on cw's macro rig IMG_4596
This is a great example of how one can adapt the concave diffuser idea originally designed for the smaller working distance of the MP-E65 for a longer lens like the SP90, or 100mm or 105mm.  I personally prefer lightweight yet flexible setup like this rather than big speedlight off hot shoe, on equally heavy macro flash bracket, or big speedlight on hot shoe with snoot diffuser. 

It is not very clear from the image above what the diffuser is like. It is an adaptation of the smaller concave diffuser I am using, only bigger!

cup diffuser 06-04-10_1340

Sample images: Canon 7D, Tamron SP90, 270EX II, full flash, concave diffuser.
sample shot concave diffuser fmmb _MG_5057 copy

Nice, soft light thanks for the concave diffuser.
sample shot fmmb and concave diffuser _MG_5062 copy

No diffuser. See the harsh light, spectral highlight and hard/harsh shadow.
fmmb but no concave diffuser_MG_5061(No Diffuser) copy

More macro rigs here.

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