Sunday, November 4, 2012

Hisham's Macro Rig

Hisham Marmin's Macro rig. You can find his blog here, and his Facebook page here.

You can also find more macro rigs here.

His macro rigs consists of Pentax K5, SMC Pentax D FA Macro 100mm F2.8 WR3, Pentax AF160C Macro Ring Flash. However, instead of using the ring flash the way it is intended to be, i.e mounted onto the front of the lens, this is what he does. The images here should be self explanatory! 

Side view. Yes, it's another great example of adapting the concave diffuser I use for my MP-E65/MT-24EX for a lens with bigger working distance.
more macro rig R1014770

You can also see that he uses a wooden ruler, a few rubber bands, and surgical tape to put the whole rig together.
Hisham's macro rig R1014771

Front view
hisham's macro rig front view R1014773




You get O shaped catch light in the subject's eyes if you use the ring flash the conventional way i.e directly on the front of the lens.
6802039718_f360af2ab0_o copy

However, by holding the ring flash on a ruler and diffuse the light with a concave diffuser, you get very nice, even light like this!
6922092266_eff7fb0ba8_o copy

Other sample images:
hisham's macro rig sample images long legged fly 8029656439_c1d1b6a603_b copy

hisham's macro rig sample images dragonfly 8028967690_c995a55d7f_b copy

hisham's macro rig sample images fly 8027293439_715780fbe3_b copy

Jumping spider
hisham's macro rig sample images jumping spider 7293468056_b4dc9f99e8_o copy

More macro rigs here.

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