Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A visit to Endau Rompin

Endau Rompin National Park (2°26′20″N 103°16′22″E / 2.438915°N 103.272858°E / 2.438915; 103.272858 (Endau Rompin National Park)) is a protected tropical rainforest in Malaysia. It is an area south of the state of Pahang and to the northeast of Johor covering an approximate area of 870 km², effectively making it is the second largest national park in Peninsular Malaysia after Taman Negara, with approximately 26 km of trail. It is the second national park proclaimed by the government of Malaysia.

The park is one of the oldest tropical rainforest complexes in the world and features rock formations some 248 million years old. Apart from that, the park contains the largest remaining population of the threatened Sumatran rhinoceros species on the Malay Peninsula. Gunung Besar which is the second highest in Johor is located in the park.

The park takes it name from the Endau and Rompin rivers that flow through the park. Other rivers that flow through the parks are Segamat, Selai and Jasin.

During the monsoon season that covers from November till March, the park is closed to the public. Further, fishing is banned from September till October during mating season. (Source: Wikipedia)

During my 3D/2N stay there last weekend, I managed to snap only 8GB worth of RAW images with my 40D. Out of which, I only PPed 37 images. Not as many insects/bugs as I had wished for but I got the one bug which is high on my wanted list, and that's really great in my book!

As I type this, I am missing the cool water of Sungai Selai already! Bye bye paradise. I'll be there again soon!

Ray of light
IMG_8017 b&w copy

IMG_8018 copy

IMG_8036 copy

A lovely green frog. Shot with a Sigma 150mm f2.8 on tripod.
IMG_7898 copy

Shot with a 40D, Canon MPE65 1X-5X Macro Lens and MT24EX Twin Flash.
IMG_7872 copy

More Endau Rompin posts coming up soon!


  1. Amazing places and lovely shots in your blog, Kurt,specially those of macros and close-up of insects-, definitively, you are a macro-master, (incredible equipment you have). I have created right now my own blog, by the moment just about wildlife in Costa Rica, it would be a huge pleasure if you have a look on it.
    Best regards from Barcelona, keep in touch!.

  2. ooops :) this is it



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