Friday, April 23, 2010

My First Springtail!

Ladies and Gentlemen, we interrupt our usual postings of jumping spiders for this special capture - my first springtail.

If you would like to find out more about springtail, check it out here on Wikipedia.

I've shot springtail before but only when they came into the frame when i was shooting something else, like when shooting an ant. :D

This one was 2mm long excluding the antennae. To be honest, I lost it when attempting the high mag shots. I had to zoom out to 1:1 again on my MP-E65 to re-position my lens and zoom in again slowly from there.

My first springtail!!!

My first springtail!!!

this is how it looked like at 1:1 :D. I wouldn't have seen it if it wasn't moving at that time. But it did settle down for me to shoot.
My first springtail!!!

It's been IDed as Collembola: Paronellinae by Frans.

Watch a short clip from Life in the Undergrowth  DVD here.

All images were shot with a Canon 40D, Canon MPE65 1X-5X Macro Lens and Canon MT24EX Twin Flash.


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