Monday, April 5, 2010

Ant-mimic crab spider eating weaver ant!

Okay, i know you're probably really really really bored of the cute ant-mimic crab spider by now. First, it's the Amyciaea lineatipes alone, then it's the Amyciaea lineatipes mating! What's next?

But this is different - this is eating! Yes, an ant-mimic crab spider with prey! Unfortunately, the spider dropped its food soon after I took a few shots so these are all I've got!

It's clear that the mimicry is for predation. The weaver ants must be quite silly though to fall for a mimicry like that.

I mean, look at the spider's big head and forehead - it's too big and too cute to pass as a weaver ant! Did I mention the spider has a big butt too? :D

All images shot with a Canon 40D, Canon MPE65 1X-5X macro lens and Canon MT24EX Twin Flash with DIY Diffuser.

He mimics to kill!...........IMG_3083 (2) copy

He mimics to kill!...........IMG_3084 (2) copy

He mimics to kill!...........IMG_3087 copy

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