Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Insects in cool Blue

Insects are really cool even as they are, but when they come in blue, they are just awesome. Blue is just cool. My favorite color too :). Here are some cool blue insects I have come across. Gotta love them! I also believe these cool insects are why most people take up slr macro photography! If you need more reasons to start liking and photographing insects, hear it from Sir David Attenborough in his ending speech in the fantastic DVD series: Life In The Undergrowth.. Invertebrates don't need us human. It's we that need them.

Most of the images were shot with a Canon 40D, Canon MPE65 1x - 5x macro lens, and MT24EX Twin Flash with DIY Diffuser.. Typical setting: 1/200, F11, ISO100, handheld.

An amazing blue and spiny soldier fly. I was really amazed and excited when I saw it last Saturday! I found it at the same forest where i found the blue robber fly. Hmm..think I'll be going back there to look for more "blue" bugs :D

Soldier fly, Clitellaria bilineata
Blue spiny soldier fly diptera............IMG_2145 copy

Blue spiny soldier fly diptera.....IMG_2151 copy

Blue spiny soldier fly diptera.......IMG_2160 copy

Blue robber fly, subfamily Laphriinae. Might be an Orthogonis sp.

An amazing blue robber fly...........IMG_0291 copy

Slightly "blue" ant :)
A blue / bluish ant...IMG_8513 copy

Not sure if this counts as blue..

A beautiful centipede.........IMG_1231 copy

Another type of blue soldier fly, Cibotogaster sp. (male)
a blue soldier fly IMG_4931 copy

A blue tiger beetle
blue tiger beetle with Red socks....IMG_0944 copy

A somewhat blue damselfly
blue damselfly IMG_7559 copy

Lastly, a blue jumping spider
blue jumping spider salticidae IMG_7684 copy

Signal fly, Platystomatidae, a species of Loxonevra near decora Fabricius.
IMG_9583 copy

Blue bee, Thyreus sp.
blue thyreus sp beeIMG_9640 copy

If these cool and exotic blue insects still can't convince you to take up slr macro photography, then I don't know what will :P



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