Friday, July 9, 2010

DIY Snoot-Diffuser Part II - further improvement

So i have a DIY Snoot Diffuser that works on the Canon 100 f/2.8 IS lens and 580EX II speedlight. It works fine but I knew i could be better with a bit of further improvement.

If you missed the first part i.e. DIY Snoot-Diffuser / macro diffuser, it's here. If you are looking for  DIY macro Diffuser for your MT24EX, look here.

Since the diffuser is designed for 1:1 situation and the angle not adjustable, you might face overshoot/undershoot issue when going above 1:1 or below 1:1. You can go beyond 1:1 by either adding a Raynox DCR-250 , which will take you to around 1.7:1, or with a full set of Kenko DG Auto Extension Tube Set , which should take you to around 2:1.

Here is how I did it.

a) The snoot-diffuser before I cut it
DIY macro diffuser/snoot diffuser 02-07-10_1350

b) make a straight cut but make sure you don't cut the bottom part
DIY macro diffuser/snoot diffuser IMG_0872 copy

c) a closer look
DIY macro diffuser/snoot diffuser IMG_0875 copy

d) I used the same black duct tape and added a flap like this, first on top, then on the two sides. These flaps are meant for preventing the light from leaking when you adjust the diffuser angle.
DIY macro diffuser/snoot diffuser IMG_0877 copy

e) a closer look
DIY macro diffuser/snoot diffuser IMG_0879 copy

f)added some velcro to hold the snoot and the diffuser in place when you adjust the angle and you're good to go. I place the following two images side by side so you can see the difference in angle
macro diffuser IMG_0883 copyDIY macro diffuser/snoot diffuser IMG_0885 copy
Yes, the one on the right is tilted more downwards compared to the one on the left.

g) now a bigger image
DIY macro diffuser/snoot diffuser IMG_0885 copy

Just an idea - you can use moldable plastic to DIY an adapter that will fit on snugly to your flash head.
InstaMorph - Moldable Plastic - 12 oz
I'll be doing some field test and post a few images soon :)

Here is the DIY Snoot Diffuser - sample full flash shots.


  1. Brilliant setup Kurt. Results look very promising. Who said you weren't an efficient DIY-er! :)


  2. Thanks Anthony. My 2nd time making one so it didn't take as long as it did last time :). But honestly, i do suck at DIY :D

    More result coming up soon after the slight improvement. I'll be posting the pix.

  3. This is good, thanks for sharing OM!

  4. Thank you very much, also I click on that Instamorph on amazon that sounds like some cool stuff. Really enjoy your photography!



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