Thursday, July 29, 2010

What's in my bag

So what's in my camera backpack when i go on a macro outing? Well, these are the stuff i normally bring for a typical macro outing. Sometimes I included a wide zoom too.

Click on the images to go to my Flickr page to view all the notes.

A cheap but sturdy tripod. The iced black coffee (kopi-o peng) is optional.
Things i bring for a macro outing

a small/medium towel
Things i bring for a macro outing

40D, MPE65 1x-5X macro lens, MT24EX Twin Flash, Sigma 150, 5DM2 (the thumbdrive, not camera), DIY Diffuser box
Things i bring for a macro outing

Lens papar, Sandisk Ultra CF Cards, Hoya CPL, A-Better-Bounce-Card etc
Things i bring for a macro outing

A few more hidden items:

IMG_4108 copy

A sun hat
IMG_4106 copy

A 2 in 1 reflector: gold on one side and silver the other
IMG_3776 copy

There's a raincoat in the bag. Not shown.


  1. what happen to the infamous pipe? ehehhehe :D

  2. :D...Emran, if i bring a tripod, then no monopod:D Too many things to carry :D

  3. mind to intro ur tripod?? looking for a cheap tripod now...

  4. Thanks Soo. Mine is a cheap China made tripod, RM200. But if you can afford it, i suggest you get a better one.



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