Saturday, August 14, 2010

Night Macro - a secret weapon

This is another slr macro photography tip i picked up. I talked about Night Macro before and it's not really any different from day time macro. You'll definitely need a reasonably powerful flashlight/torchlight to get around, look for bugs/insects and to help in focusing. You will need help to shine the flash on the subject so you can focus and compose. However, if you have the Canon MT24EX Twin Flash or the MR14EX ring flash, you can use the built-in focusing light.

You can also try adding a focusing lamp to your macro setup to aid in focusing. That way you don't need someone to help you shine light on your macro subject. Something like this:

A small flashlight/torchlight with adjustable angle
focusing lamp for night macro or dark view finder

The small flashlight/torchlight attached to the macro rig. That's a DIY Snoot Diffuser attached to a speedlight. A DIY Snoot Diffuser guide is here.
Focusing Lamp for night macro or in the dark
Both images above courtesy of Chee Wai.

I have just acquired another secret weapon. Here we go:

Another flashlight/torchlight???
LED, UV and laser 3 in 1 flash light for night macro IMG_4109 copy

LED light mode..that is to be expect!
3 in 1 LED, UV and laser flash light for night macro IMG_4117 copy

Laser beam, but probably not very useful for night macro!
3 in 1 LED, UV and laser flash light for night macro IMG_4115 copy

Hey, UV light, now we're talking. How is this going to help? We'll see.
LED, UV and laser 3 in 1 flash light for night macro IMG_4110 copy

With the help of UV light, you'll be able to find certain insects such as scorpion easily. I don't have any images of these yet but check out this link:

Go get yourself this cheap torchlight/flashlight so you can try out this simple slr macro photography tip. You can even use the UV light to check for counterfeit notes! :D


  1. Woah! 3 in 1 secret weapon! ohh mien...tak ade UV light...keke
    yea! hope to see some fluorescent beings around =)

  2. nice blog you have. keep up the good work.



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