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Lantern bug / lantern fly

Lantern bugs of Malaysia & Borneo

Lantern bug / lantern fly is among my most favorite macro subjects. Whenever I find one, I  spend hours and hours photographing it, or just admire its spectacular beauty!

New catches from Maliau Basin. Managed to find only 2 new species to add to my collection.

Pyrops sultanus (ID credit: Jerome Constant). Maliau Basin, Sabah.
lantern bug of malaysia Pyrops sultana IMG_7325 copy.

Pyrops sultanus. Maliau Basin, Sabah.
lantern bugs of malaysia Pyrops sultana IMG_6980 copy

Pyrops cultellatus (Walker, 1857) ID Credit: Jerome Constant. Mating! Lucky me. Maliau Basin, Sabah More Bugs Porn here.
green lantern bugs mating, Pyrops shiinaorum shiinaorum IMG_6748 copy lantern bugs of malaysia

Pyrops cultellatus  (Walker, 1857). Maliau Basin, Sabah.
<i>Pyrops shiinaorum shiinaorum </i>IMG_6777 copy malaysia lantern bug

Pyrops cultellatus yoshiakii Nagai & Porion, 2002. Selangor. ID credit: Jerome Constant.
Pyrops cultellatus yoshiakii Nagai & Porion, 2002 IMG_9284 copy

Pyrops cultellatus yoshiakii Nagai & Porion, 2002. Selangor.
Pyrops cultellatus yoshiakii Nagai & Porion, 2002. IMG_3556 copy

Trophobiosis between lantern bug and cockroach. The lantern bug are Pyrops cultellatus  yoshiakii Nagai & Porion, 2002. No ID for the roach yet. Selangor, Malaysia.
Pyrops cultellatus yoshiaki IMG_8131 copy

Pyrops pyrorhynchus. Negeri Sembilan.
lantern bug of malaysia Pyrops pyrorhyncha IMG_0609 copyus

Pyrops pyrorhynchus. Negeri Sembilan.
 lantern bug of malaysia, Pyrops pyrorhyncha </i>IMG_0584 copy

Also Pyrops pyrorhynchus but covered in white powdery wax. From Endau Rompin
laternaria ruhli lantern bug of malaysia  lantern fly

Pyrops pyrorhynchus. Endau Rompin
Laternaria ruhli , Pyrops pyrorhyncha, Rudolph the red nosed bug!

Pyrops pyrorhynchus. Perak.
<i>Pyrops pyrorhyncha </i>IMG_8236 copy

Pyrops spinolae  Natural light. Kedah.
pyrops spinolae lantern bug of malaysia, lantern fly IMG_9433 copy

Pyrops spinolae. Kedah
lantern bugs of malaysia Pyrops spinolae IMG_9393 copy

Pyrops whiteheadi from Danum Valley. Sabah.  Reflector used.
Pyrops whiteheadi ........IMG_9578 copy

Pyrops whiteheadi. Maliau Basin, Sabah.
lantern bug of malaysia , Pyrops whiteheadi IMG_6336 copy

Pyrops oculatus, Selangor.
Lantern Bug (Pyrops oculata) IMG_2383 stk copy

Pyrops oculatus
Lantern Bug (Pyrops oculata) IMG_2351 copy

This one has many parasitic files on it! Selangor.
lantern bug of malaysia, Pyrops oculata with parasitic flies...IMG_4642 copy
Pyrops oculatus

Pyrops oculatus. A 100% crop from another picture:
lantern bug of malaysia, Pyrops oculata lanternfly with parasitic flies...IMG_4829 crop

Trophobiosis again. A Frilly Gecko (Hemidactylus craspedotus) enjoying free flow of honeydew from a few lantern bugs (Pyrops oculatus). Selangor.
Pyrops oculata & Frilly Gecko IMG_2831 copy

Pyrops oculata & Frilly Gecko IMG_2822 copy

Pyrops sidereus from Danum Valley. Sabah.
Pyrops candelarius lanternbug of malaysia, lanternfly IMG_9370 copy crop

Pyrops transversolineatus. Flew into the canteen in Danum Valley Field Center and was captured by a research student and kept in a vial. My friend and I looked for this in the field the following couple of days but no luck.
Pyrops transversolineatus (Baker, 1925) IMG_9806 copy

Zanna nobilis nymph.  Full flash. Perak.
Zanna terminalis nymph lantern bug of malaysia,  lanternfly(IMG_9249copy)

Zanna nobilis nymph
Zanna sp. lantern bug of malaysia /lanternfly IMG_9228web

Adult of Zanna nobilis, Perak, Malaysia. Finally found one after slightly more than 3 years after I found a nymph!
lantern fly of malaysia - zanna sp. adult IMG_1394 copy

Zanna nobilis
lantern fly of malaysia, zanna sp. adult IMG_1512 copy

Zanna nobilis and a Polyrhachis sp. ant.
lantern fly of malaysia, zanna sp. and a polyrhachis ant IMG_1472 copy

Zanna terminalis nymph, Selangor, Malaysia
Zanna terminalis nymph IMG_8424 copy

A Zanna terminalis nymph molting. Selangor, Malaysia
Zanna terminalis nymph molting IMG_5380 copy

A newly emerged Zanna terminalis adult, and three nymphs. Selangor, Malaysia.
newly emerged Zanna terminalis adult IMG_9746 copy

Zanna terminalis adult. Selangor, Malaysia.
Zanna terminalis adult IMG_9767 copy

Trophobiosis. Marbled Bent-toed Gecko (Cyrtodactylus quadrivirgatus) waiting beside a few lantern bug nymphs (Zanna terminalis), presumably waiting for their honeydew excretes. Night find, Selangor, Malaysia.
Gecko & Fulgorid Trophobiosis IMG_6487 copy (2)
Click here if you want to see more lizards.

Pyrops intricatus. Sarawak.
Pyrops intricata lantern bug of malaysia / lanternfly IMG_7265b copy

Pyrops intricatus. Sarawak.
lantern bug of malaysia IMG_7388 copy, Pyrops intricata

Pyrops intricatus. Sarawak.
Pyrops intricata lantern bug of malaysia/ lanternfly IMG_7105b copy

Pyrops heringi, Sabah, Malaysia. Heavily cropped.
Pyrops heringi IMG_0926 crop copy

Visited Sabah again (July 4 - 7, 2014) and was lucky enough to see this beauty again! Closer too! No more cropping!
Pyrops heringi IMG_2029 copy

Pyrops heringi IMG_2012 copy

A nymph of Samsama chersonesia Distant 1906 (ID credit: Jerome Constant). Selangor.
lantern bug Samsama chersonesia IMG_5197 copy

The adult of Samsama chersonesia Distant 1906. Selangor.
lanternfly Samsama chersonesia IMG_5204 copy

Other Fulgoridae I have come across:

Fulgoridae - Dichoptera sp. Selangor.
Lantern Bug (Dichoptera sp.) IMG_2084 copy

Dichoptera sp. Selangor.
Fulgorid - Dichoptera...IMG_3974 cropped copy

Dichoptera sp.
Lantern Bug (Dichoptera sp.) IMG_3287 copy

Trophobiosis. Frilly Gecko (Hemidactylus craspedotus) enjoying free flow honeydew excrete from a Fulgorid (Dichoptera sp.). Selangor, Malaysia.
Frilly Gecko & Fulgorid - Trophobiosis IMG_0898 copy

Frilly Gecko & Fulgorid - Trophobiosis IMG_0669 copy

Trophobiosis. A skittish Four-clawed Gecko (Gehyra mutilata) enjoying honeydew excrete from a Fulgorid (Prolepta sp.). Selangor, Malaysia.
Lantern bug and gecko, Prolepta sp. and Gehyra mutilata IMG_7268 copy

Gehyra mutilata IMG_7121 copy

Fulgoridae: Penthicodes variegata. Selangor.
Fulgoridae - Penthicodes variegata<br> IMG_6630 merged copy

Penthicodes sp.
Penthicodes sp. IMG_5690 copy

Fulgoridae: Polydictya sp, Sarawak.
Fulgoridae: Polydictya sp, IMG_7279 copy

Fulgoridae - Scamandra hecuba, Stal, 1863. ID credit: Jerome Constant. Selangor.
Fulgoridae, Scamandra hecuba IMG_6090 copy

Scamandra hecuba, Stal, 1863. Selangor.
Fulgoridae, Scamandra hecuba  IMG_6181 copy

From Thailand:

Pyrops karenius
IMG_9563 copy

IMG_9561 copy lantern bug, Pyrops karenia

Prolepta sp. Full flash shot at night. Occur in Malaysia as well. This specimen is photographed in Selangor.
Fulgorid/Lantern bug - (Prolepta sp.) IMG_1830 copy

Prolepta sp. natural light shot. Krabi, Thailand.
Prolepta sp. lantern bug IMG_9741 copy

5 new species added to my collection after my recent trip to a national park near Bangkok, Thailand.

Pyrops ducalis and a couple of friends :D
Pyrops ducalis IMG_6538 copy
Fulgoridae - Pyrops ducalis, Alydidae - Riptortus pedestris and a masked assassin (Reduviidae - Reduvius sp.?)

Pyrops ducalis
Pyrops ducalis _MG_0872 copy

Aphaena submaculata
Aphaena submaculata IMG_6500 copy

Aphaena submaculata _MG_0848 copy

Aphaena sp., close to A. discolor
Aphaena discolor IMG_6481 copy

Saiva gemmata
Saiva gemmata IMG_6534 copy

Saiva gemmata _MG_0546 copy

Trophobiosis between gecko (Hemidactylus platyurus and lanternfly (Fulgoridae), Saiva gemmata. Thailand
Saiva gemmata IMG_6513 copy

Pyrops candelaria
Pyrops candelarius IMG_6571 copy

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