Monday, May 28, 2012

Giraffe weevil building nest

This is the fourth species of giraffe weevil / leaf rolling weevil I have found in Malaysia. I even found a female building nest! These have been IDed as: Korotyaevirhinus necopinus orientalis,  Legalov, 2003. (ID credit: Andrei)

I took too many shots of these weevils....but who can resist such cuteness? :P
Giraffe weevil / leaf rolling weevil...IMG_6004 copy

Cute :)
Giraffe weevil / leaf rolling weevil...IMG_5994 copy

Yes, the weevil ate that much!
Giraffe weevil / leaf rolling weevil...IMG_5907 copy

When nature calls? No, it's not what you think.
Giraffe weevil...IMG_5908 copy

I found these giraffe weevils on this host plant:

 Host plant: Shorea.sp., Family: Dipterocarpaceae (ID credit: Nor Effendi)
Host plant Shorea sp.. R0017647 copy

The leaves
R0017651 copy

A newly completed nest
Giraffe weevil nest....R0017735 copy

When I found her, she just started rolling the leaf! The main vein of the leaf had already been severed. The blue font indicates the time stamp. 2:44:39 pm.
Giraffe weevil building nest ...R0017667 copy

A female with her newly completed nest / nitidi. 
Giraffe weevil on her newly completed nest...R0017767 copy
The last image taken of her with the nest was 3:51:04.

I created this short clip from all the stills I captured with my point and shoot / compact camera. Again, the text in blue indicates the time. The whole process took about one hour.

I guess what's missing now is a family picture. I mean, mating shot. I have seen so many of this species but never one with long neck, therefore I suspect that both males and females of this species have similar neck length.The final confirmation came when I saw a picture of a mating pair posted by someone on Facebook! You can view the image here.

Check out the other three species here:



  1. As always, Kurt, your photos are phenomenal! These insects are so interesting--dare I say charming?

    And thanks for timing the nesting process. It's interesting to see how long it takes them to complete their work.

  2. Thank you, Jason. Yes, they are so charming, so cute! I hope to find a mating pair soon!

  3. I LOVE your bugs! I know nothing about them but your photography is awesome! Hope you don't mind that I have a link on my blog!

  4. These are very sharp images. Good job.

  5. Thank you for dropping by and for the comments, Suzie, thepalguy :)



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