Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Cool jumping spider

At first glance, I thought it was a Camaricus maugi crab spider. Peeping through the viewfinder, I was surprised to discover that it was a jumping spider, one that looked almost like a Camaricus maugi crab spider.

Coiicidence? Or is it mimicking the Camaricus maugi? And if so, why?
Jumping spider...IMG_5197 copy

Camaricus maugi crab spider. See the resemblance?
Crab spider Camaricus maugi ...IMG_0338 copy

My first time finding a Salticid like this, no ID yet.

Jumping spider...IMG_5208 copy

Jumping spider...IMG_5203 copy

Jumping spider...IMG_5229 copy

Jumping spider...IMG_5188 copy

Jumping spider...IMG_5205 copy

A Camaricus maugi crab spider with treehopper prey
Crab spider with treehopper prey....IMG_9847 stk copy

This one caught a larva.
Early crab gets the worm........IMG_5423 copy

Anyway, it's not safe even for a crab spider.
Pompilidae Wasp with spider prey..IMG_3256 copy

Pompilidae Wasp with spider prey...IMG_3235 copy

More jumping spiders here.

More tropical spiders here.


  1. That Jumping Spider is nuts! Legs getting bigger and bigger toward the head. It has finally made me ask how exactly Jumping Spiders jump. It's pretty obvious in grasshoppers. Not so much, here.

  2. Good question. I read this before and this should answers your question:

  3. Hi Kurt, do you think it is some kind of Pystira spider or closely related to that genus. Their shapes might be different but their colors, patterns and complexion look alike. Maybe Pystira ephippigera has finally decided to grow up. Looking forward to see you finding it's species name so that I can help my friends who have similar spiders like this.

  4. Could very well be the same genus but I don't know expert who can help us out here.



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