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Caterpillars and/or larvae/worms I have photographed over the years. More will be added as we go.

A wet and hairy caterpillar I found one rainy night. Lasiocampidae - Trabala sp.
Hairy (and wet) caterpillar........IMG_0802 copy

Snake-mimic caterpillar? Sphingidae -Eupanacra sp. - ID suggested by Roger Kendrick.  Selangor, Malaysia.
Snake-mimic caterpillar IMG_0618 stk copy

Snake-mimic caterpillar IMG_0611 copy

 Map butterfly larva (Cyrestis sp.) - ID suggested by GC Gan.Cyrestis sp. IMG_1698 copy

Bad hair day.
bad hair day caterpillar IMG_6848 copy

Big Saturniidae caterpillar
IMG_0082 copy Saturniidae caterpillar

Limacodid caterpillar
IMG_8679 copy Limacotid caterpillar

Another one
IMG_8676 copy Limacotid caterpillar

Limacodidae caterpillars IMG_4072 copy

Caterpillars in Cycloalexy - defensive, circular arrangement.
IMG_8425 copy Caterpillars in Cycloalexy arrangement

An Orthogonius sp. beetle (ID credit: Harald Schillhammer) photobombing a bunch of caterpillars (in cycloalexy arrangement?). The beetle wasn't there when I took the first couple of shots .
Beetle photobombing caterpillars IMG_8765 copy

Two dipteran puparia (singular, puparium) in the cocoon of a Cyana species moth (Lepidoptera: Arctiidae: Lithosiinae). The caterpillar was parasitized by either Tachinidae or Sarcophagidae flies. Info credit: Stoy Hedges, Roberto Pantaleoni, Marcus Ng. Selangor, Malaysia.
Parasitized caterpillar IMG_4548 copy

Burara harisa consobrina, orange awlet caterpillar
IMG_8722b copy Orange Awlet, Burara harisa consobrina caterpillar

IMG_8705 copy Orange Awlet ( Burara harisa consobrina ) caterpillar

Orsotriaena medus caterpillar on a blade of grass, at night.
IMG_0758 merged copy
Merged from two images.

IMG_2847 copy

IMG_2926 copy

Cactuspillar :D
IMG_8655 copy Cactuspillar

IMG_5653 copy

Camouflage! See how it moves in this clip here.
caterpillar in camouflage IMG_5958 copy

Red head. ID appreciated! 
Hawk moth caterpillar, Sphingidae IMG_5617 copy

IMG_9897 copy
Natural light on tripod.

Caterpillar eating some kind of white pod
IMG_7920 copy

Caterpillar, likely another Lasiocampidae
Caterpillar, likely another Lasiocampidae IMG_7411 copy

Snow white caterpillar. Attacus sp.
Snow white caterpillar. Attacus sp. IMG_7459 copy

Another Attacus sp. caterpillar.
Attacus sp. caterpillar_MG_4316 copy

A parasitoid wasp ovipositing on a autumn leaf butterfly caterpillar
A parasitoid wasp ovipositing on a autumn leaf butterfly caterpillar IMG_7554 copy

IMG_7601 copy
More examples of  parasitoidsim.

Limacodid  caterpillar
Limacodid caterpillar IMG_1434 copy

Beautiful moth caterpillar. Family: Limacodidae.
Beautiful moth caterpillar. Family: Limacodidae.  IMG_6687 copy
Diffuser & Reflector used.

Another Limacodid caterpillar
Colorful Limacodid caterpillar IMG_5197 copy

Dysphania caterpillar
Dysphania caterpillar...IMG_4424c copy


IMG_8511 copy

Thosea vetusta caterpillar
IMG_7979b copy

IMG_8744 copy

Hawk moth caterpillar, Sphingid
Hawk moth caterpillar, Sphingid .IMG_0288 merged copy

IMG_9628 merged copy

IMG_6831 merged copy

A caterpillar with loads of parasitoid wasp cocoons. One of the grubs hatched. You can see the grub squirming in this GIF:
IMG_0741 copy

Another one with parasitoid wasp cocoons
caterpillar with parasitoid wasp cocoonsIMG_2688 merged copy

IMG_1168 copy

This caterpillar fell prey to a Herennia sp. female spider
Female Herennia sp. with caterpillar prey IMG_9754 copy

Jumping spider with prey - a Malays Baron caterpillar
IMG_9709 copy
More tropical spiders here.

Malay Baron caterpillar (Euthalia monina).
Malay Baron caterpillar (Euthalia monina). IMG_6723 copy

IMG_7364 copy

IMG_8138 copy

IMG_3670 copy

IMG_8798 copy

The tail end of the caterpillar i think.
IMG_4452 copy

The front end?
IMG_4449 copy

IMG_7294 copy

IMG_1329 copy
More jumping spiders.

Calliteara sp. caterpillar (Subfamily: Lymantriinae). ID credit: Franziska Bauer. Selangor, Malaysia.
Caterpillar IMG_3944 copy

Oh Lord....IMG_2382 copy

Papilionidae caterpillar, info credit: Marcus Ng. Selangor, Malaysia.
_MG_3644 copy

Untitled_Panorama1 copy

IMG_3659 copy

IMG_8578 copy

This larva fell prey to a potter wasp
IMG_3502 copy
More wasps.

Palmfly caterpillar
IMG_1133 copy

DSC_4171 copy

Plain nawab caterpillar
plain nawab caterpillar DSC_1476 web

IMG_2901 copy

IMG_6741 copy

I found this cricket eating a caterpillar too.
DSC_5387 web

IMG_5798 copy

The same caterpillar was attacked by a few trap jaw ants!
IMG_5803 copy
More tropical ants.


  1. The red hairy caterpillar above was mistakenly labelled as a Hawk-moth caterpillar. Hawk-moth caterpillars are large and smooth skinned.



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