Thursday, June 24, 2010

Some wonderful weevils of Malaysia

A collection of some of my favorite weevil images, all shot in Malaysia. Funny how I didn't even know about these cute weevils before I took up macro photography.

Mostly taken with a Canon 40D, MPE65 1x-5x macro lens and MT24EX Twin Flash.

Episomus sp. weevilThe lesser of the two weevils......IMG_0349 copy

All full flash, normally 1/200, F11, ISO100, 40D, MPE65 and MT24EX twin flash with DIY Diffuser.

A male giraffe weevil
male Giraffe Weevil /long necked beetle (DSC_4620 )

A female giraffe weevil. Check out how she builds a nest to lay egg in here.
female giraffe weevil/long necked beetle IMG_9528v2 copy

A spiny giraffe weevil, Hoplapoderus hystrix (Fabricius, 1801). More about this here.
IMG_8642 copy

Another type of  giraffe weevil Leptapoderus (Soendapoderus) semirufus (Faust, 1883). More about this here.
IMG_1404 copy

weevil with red background IMG_7861 copy

A spiny weevil
WWW - Weird but wonderful weevil IMG_4129 copy

IMG_0548 copy

sp. - ID credit: Boris (thaptor on Flickr)
weevil IMG_7211 copy

IMG_9367 copy

weevil IMG_9608 copy

A fungus weevil
fungus weevil IMG_3744 copy

Natural light shot of a beautiful weevil. Tips on shooting with natural light here.
weevil malaysia natural light shot IMG_4691 copy

Weevil taking off. Shortlisted in Photoradar's POTY 2010 but that was as far as it went.
IMG_4672 copy copy

Mating pair of giraffe weevil/giraffe necked beetle. More about them here.
mating pair of giraffe weevils IMG_9996 copy

Weevil weevil rock you!
weevil weevil rock you, mating pair of weevils IMG_8182 copy

White fluffy weevil. The white stuff is not fungus/mold. 
white fluffy weevil IMG_7365 copy

 weevil IMG_4586 copy

Another mating pair of giraffe weevil, with an ant watching:D. No sexual dimorphism in this species. Watch how a female build a nest here.
Mating pair of giraffe weevil...IMG_6546 copy

 weevil IMG_0710 copy

reddish fungus weevil IMG_8379 copy

black weevil IMG_8518 copy

If you would like to check out some beautiful beetles of Malaysia, look here.


  1. Great collection. I`ve added this article to the Magnified Nature meme ( Hope thats ok.

  2. Thanks, Tom :). Thanks for adding this to the Magnified Nature too!

  3. Fantastic photo! My jaw dropped! :O



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