Friday, January 6, 2012

Tropical spiders

All the spiders you see here were photographed within Malaysia - mostly in the Peninsula. Only a couple of them were photographed in Sabah (East Malaysia, Borneo), either Danum Valley, or Maliau Basin.

Ant-mimic crab spider, Amyciaea lineatipes, mating! More bugs porn here:D
Ant-Mimic Crab spiders -Amyciaea lineatipes tropical spiders IMG_1261 copy

A male ant-mimic crab spider, Amyciaea lineatipes, with weaver ant prey
male ant-mimic crab spider with weaver ant prey IMG_3083 (2) copy
More ant-mimic spiders here.

Crab Spider (Thomisidae). Phrynarachne sp., Poring, Sabah.
Phrynarachne sp._MG_0723 copy

Crab Spider (Thomisidae). Phrynarachne sp., Poring, Sabah.
Phrynarachne sp._MG_0728 copy

Bird dung crab spider with wasp prey. A bonus fly too. Phrynarachne cf decipiens, Sabah
Phrynarachne cf decipiens IMG_7551 copy

Orange crab spider on purple wildflower
Gorgeous Crab Spider tropical spider (IMG_6643 copy)

A pinkish crab spider
pinkish crab spider IMG_3879 copy

Crab spider (Camaricus maugi) with treehopper prey
Crab spider with treehopper prey....IMG_9847 stk copy

A Camaricus maugi crab spider with caterpillar prey. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Camaricus maugi with caterpillar IMG_3938 copy

Camaricus maugi with tortoise beetle prey
Camaricus maugi with tortoise beetle prey IMG_4483 copy

Crab spider with ant prey. You can see bubbles in the ant's leg.
crab spider with ant prey. IMG_1643 copy

A crab spider with spider prey
IMG_8827 copy crab spider with spider prey

Beautiful Eight-spotted Crab Spider (Platythomisus sp., P. octomaculatus?)  my buddies found for me . Singapore.
Platythomisus sp. _MG_4292 copy

 Eight-spotted Crab Spider (Platythomisus sp., P. octomaculatus?)  my buddies found for me . Singapore.
Platythomisus sp. _MG_4227 copy

Crab Spider
Shaolin crab spider?......IMG_2031 copy

Crab Spider with cricket prey
Crab spider IMG_4406 copy

Crab Spider
Crab Spider IMG_0299 copy

Tarantula (Coremiocnemis hoggi ?)
tarantula Coremiocnemis hoggi IMG_5750 copy

tarantula Coremiocnemis hoggi  IMG_5821 copy

tarantula Coremiocnemis hoggi  IMG_5831 copy

The compulsory portrait shot!
portrait of a tarantula spider IMG_9237 copy

tarantula spider, Coremiocnemis hoggi IMG_9211 copy

Tarantula in threat pose!
R0021917 copy Tarantula threat pose!

A big female tarantula (Coremiocnemis hoggi) we found on a fern leaf, eating a house centipede. We wondered if someone had lured her out of her lair and placed her on the fern, Pahang, Malaysia.
Coremiocnemis hoggi_MG_1331 copy

Mommy tarantula with her newly hatched spiderlings! Pahang, Malaysia.
Coremiocnemis hoggi_MG_3379 copy

Unidentified tarantula from a lowland forest in Selangor, Malaysia.
Tarantula IMG_8185 copy

Unidentified tarantula, highlands of Pahang, Malaysia.
Tarantula_MG_2976 copy

A mature male Coremiocnemis sp. Tarantula we found wandering around at night. Pahang, Malaysia
Tarantula IMG_4255 copy

Unidentified tarantula from the highlands of Sabah, Borneo
Unidentified Tarantula_MG_9107 copy

Another unidentified one, from the same highlands in Sabah, Borneo
Unidentified tarantula_MG_9544 copy

Giant armored trapdoor spider, Liphistius malayanus
giant armored trapdoor spider, Liphistius malayanus IMG_9176 copy

giant armored trapdoor spider, Liphistius malayanus IMG_9181 copy

Giant armored trapdoor spider, <i>Liphistius malayanus</i> IMG_9151 copy

Trapdoor Spider (Liphistius desultor), Kedah, Peninsula Malaysia.
Liphistius desultor_MG_2922 copy

Twig Like Feather Legged Spider, Uloboridae. Possibly Miagrammopes sp. ID credit: Nicky Bay.
IMG_9939 copy

Huntsman posing for me.
huntsman frontal shot IMG_5448 stk copy

Huntsman spider with egg sac.
huntsman spider with egg sac IMG_6143 stk copy

A really pretty female Heteropoda lunula
Hunstman spider - Heteropoda lunula IMG_1924 copy

Hunstman spider - Heteropoda lunula IMG_1943 copy

Hunstman spider - Heteropoda lunula IMG_1908 copy

A huntsman spider enjoying beetle supper. Night find, Kuala Lumpur, Malayia.
Huntsman spider with beetle prey IMG_3064 copy

A huntsman spider with house centipede prey! Can't recall ever seeing a house centipede fallen as prey before! Peninsular Malaysia.
Heteropoda sp. with scutigerid prey_MG_3298 copy

A Scutigerid (house centipede - Scutigeridae) with huntsman spider prey. Not only the Scutigerid has up to 15 pairs of legs, the legs can be curled up to grab its prey too! Night find, Selangor, Malaysia.
Scutigeridae IMG_4527 copy

Huntsman Spider (Sparassidae), Heteropoda sp., with Trabala sp. moth prey. Selangor, Malaysia.
Sparassidae_MG_7361 copy

Lichen huntsman spider with spiderlings. Check out my post on a huntsman life cycle here.
Lichen huntsman with spiderlings...IMG_2191 merged copy

Mother lichen huntsman with her spiderlings...R0016739 copy

 A Malaysian black and gold huntsman (family SparassidaeThelcticopis sp., Tube-dwelling spiders) and a daredevil yellow crazy ant! LOL. Huge spider, 25mm body length!
Malaysian Black and Gold Huntsman IMG_8834 copy

Malaysian Black & Gold Huntsman (Thelcticopis sp.) with a Conehead Katydid (Macroxiphus sumatranus) for supper. Night find, Selangor, Malaysia.
Thelcticopis sp. with katydid prey IMG_6992 copy

Huntsman Spider (Sparassidae - Thelcticopis sp.) with a female Raspy Cricket (Family: Gryllacrididae).
Thelcticopis sp. IMG_6043 copy

This huntsman spider caught herself a mated queen ant (Camponotus sp.?). Selangor, Malaysia.
Huntsman with Camponotus ant queen prey IMG_0851 copy

Green huntsman spider
green huntsman spider IMG_8808merged copy

A female green huntsman guarding her egg sac
a female green huntsman guarding her egg sac IMG_8899 merged copy

Another gorgeous green huntsman, Olios sp.(?) on pink Cordyline terminalis plant. Merged from 4 shots. Tutorial on merging here.
gorgeous green huntsman spider IMG_0204merged copy

Huntsman spider with eggssac. The spiderlings were about the hatch!
huntsman spider with egg sac IMG_8655 copy

Huntsman spider with newly hatched spiderlings
huntsman spider with spiderlings IMG_8696 (2) copy

One of the spiderlings from the same brood as above, on an empty egg sac.
huntsman spiderlings IMG_8690 copy

Huntsman spider with winged termite prey
IMG_7273 copy huntsman spider with winged termite prey

Heteropoda davidbowie(?)
huntsman Heteropoda davidbowie IMG_6578 merged copy

Heteropoda davidbowie
IMG_8718 merged copy Heteropoda davidbowie

with cricket prey
IMG_8906 copy Heteropoda davidbowie

Heteropoda davidbowie I found on a wet night, Selangor, Malaysia.
Heteropoda davidbowie_MG_2515 copy

A female Heteropoda davidbowie with eggsac, Poring, Sabah, Borneo.
Heteropoda davidbowie_MG_0180 copy

Heteropoda sp. huntsman spider with frog prey (Vermiculate Bush Frog - Philautus vermiculatus). Night herping, montane forest of Banjaran Bintang, Perak, Malaysia.
Heteropoda sp. huntsman with frog prey IMG_5285 copy

Heteropoda sp. huntsman with frog prey IMG_5286 copy

Heteropoda sp. huntsman with frog prey IMG_5189 copy

Thelcticopis sp. with prey
IMG_3808 merged copy Thelcticopis sp. spider

Heteropoda boiei
Heteropoda boiei IMG_5530 copy

A gorgeous lichen huntsman spider, Pandercetes sp.
IMG_9468 copy Lichen huntsman spider, Pandercetes sp.

A mating pair of Lichen Huntsman Spider (Pandercetes sp.)
A mating pair of lichen huntsmans...IMG_0306 copy

Pandercetes sp. female guarding her nest, with winged termite prey.
Pandercetes sp. with winged termite IMG_9945 copy

A really well camouflaged Pandercetes sp. spider on a tree trunk.
Momma Huntsman Spider IMG_3173 copy

Huntsman Spider with cricket prey. Malaysia. Gnathopalystes sp.
Gnathopalystes sp. with cricket_MG_4954 copy

A mating pair of huntsman spider (Sparassidae). Selangor, Malaysia. Gnathopalystes sp.
Mating huntsman spiders_MG_4146 copy

Momma huntsman with her newly hatched spiderlings. Selangor, Malaysia. Gnathopalystes sp.
Gnathopalystes sp. wtih spiderlings IMG_6797 copy

Golden Huntsman spider (Sparassidae). Rhitymna sp.
Rhitymna sp. IMG_3836 copy

A female Bolas spider with a much smaller male, Cyrtarachne fangchengensis
IMG_9128 copy

Common Garden Spider, Parawixia dehaani
Parawixia sp._MG_1008 copy

Another Parawixia sp. spider
parawixia sp. IMG_3344 copy

Ogre faced spider / net casting spider /gladiator spider, Deinopidae.
IMG_8951 copy

Ogre faced spider / net casting spider /gladiator spider, Deinopidae.
IMG_8954 copy Deinopidae

Ogre-faced Spider/ Net-casting Spider (Deinopidae - Deinopis sp.?) . Selangor, Malaysia.
Ogre-faced spider IMG_4185 copy

A Lynx spider with beetle prey
lynx spider with beetle prey IMG_0880 copy

A green lynx spider with red Dindymus sp. bug prey (family Pyrrhocoridae), from Danum Valley.
green lynx spider with red pentatomidae bug prey IMG_9271 copy

Lynx spider with winged termite prey
Lynx spider with winged termite prey...IMG_0159 pano copy

Lynx spider with Ponerine ant prey.
IMG_5334 copy

An egg guarding mom-to-be Lynx spider having a mosquito snack (Aedes aegypti) .
IMG_3981 copy

Wolf Spider with eggsac.
Wolf Spider_MG_4347 copy

A wolf spider momma with spiderlings on her back
wolf spider momma with spiderlings IMG_3356 copy

A beautiful spiny orb weaver, Macracantha arcuata
spiny orb weaver, Macracantha arcuata, longhorned orb weaver spider IMG_0024 copy

macracantha arcuata, long horned orb weaver spider IMG_9865 copy

macracantha arcuata, long horned orb weaver spider IMG_9091 copy

Long-horned Orb Weaver (Macracantha arcuata). Malaysia. Taken with the LaoWa 15mm F4 1:1 wide angle macro lens.
Macracantha arcuata IMG_6877 copy

Gasteracantha doriae
IMG_9348 stk copy

Spiny orb weaver, Actinacantha globulata
Gasteracantha hasselti spiny orb weaver IMG_9329b copy

IMG_9147 copy

A female Herennia spider.
IMG_9841 copy

A female Herennia sp. spider with caterpillar prey
Female Herennia sp. spider with caterpillar prey IMG_9754 copy

The same female Herennia sp. spider with a much smaller male nearby
big female Herennia sp. spider with a smaller male IMG_9740 copy

This female Ornamental Tree Trunk Spider (Herennia ornatissima) caught herself a cicada for late night supper. Selangor, Malaysia.
Herennia ornatissima with cicada prey IMG_0143 copy

Raft spider/fishing spider (Dolomedes sp.)with dragonfly (Neurothemis ramburii) prey
raft spider with dragonfly prey IMG_6353 copy

A Fishing Spider (Dolomedes sp.) feasting on a fresh water prawn. Penang, Malaysia.
Dolomedes sp. IMG_2461 copy

A Fishing Spider (Dolomedes sp.) feasting on a fresh water prawn. Penang, Malaysia.
Dolomedes sp. IMG_2458 copy

Another raft spider/fishing spider but with a tiger moth prey.
raft spider/fishing spider with tiger moth prey IMG_9208 merged copy

A nursery web spider with eggsac.
Nursery web spider with egg sac.......IMG_2025 copy

A nursery web spider with jumping spider prey
nursery web spider with jumping spider prey IMG_3161 copy

Nursery web spider?
nursery web spider IMG_7931 copy

A nursery web spider with wasp prey?
nursery web spider with wasp prey IMG_8472 copy

Heurodes spider?
Heurodes spider? IMG_4859 copy

Spitting spider, Scytodes velutina(?) with babies.
spitting spider with babies IMG_7647 copy

Mommy spitting spider sharing her moth prey with her precious spiderlings :)
mother spitting spider sharing her moth meal with spiderlings IMG_8555 copy

A closer look:
IMG_8555 cropped

Another spitting spider with hatching spiderlings
spitting spider with spiderlings IMG_0555 copy

Spitting Spider (Scytodidae) Montane forest, Pahang, Malaysia. Body length about 20mm.
Scytodidae_MG_0150 copy

Male Long-jawed Orb Weaver Tetragnathidae
Male Long-jawed Orb Weaver Tetragnathidae IMG_9851 copy

Tetragnathid spider, Long Jawed Orb Weaver.
IMG_9824 copy

Portia sp. spider.
intelligent portia spider IMG_8145 copy

Big and beautiful jumping spider with her even bigger Christmas dinner - a Pisaurid I think. More than 4 hours on and she was still enjoying her big dinner. Christmas night macro, Selangor.
Salticid with Pisaurid prey IMG_4318 copy

A jumping spider with lynx spider prey.
IMG_9833merged copy

Tiny jumping spider with caterpillar prey. More jumping spiders here.
tiny jumping spider with caterpillar prey IMG_1328 copy

Big female jumping spider (Hyllus sp.) with a male jumping spider as prey. Malaysia.
Hyllus sp._MG_2624 copy

Beautiful yellow, semi-translucent jumping spider with a fly prey. Selangor, Malaysia.
Yellow jumper_MG_4900 copy

Male of the same species.
IMG_2215 copy

Male Bathippus sp jumping spider.
Jumping spider...IMG_5250 stk copy

Big, cute and fluffy Jumping Spider (Hyllus cf giganteus - ID suggested by Faiz Qifa) Sabah (Borneo).
Hyllus giganteus IMG_2032 copy

A handsome male Orsima ichneumon wasp mimic jumping spider. Check out some really cool ant-mimics here.
IMG_9873 copy

A female Orsima ichneumon 
Orsima ichneumon , female jumping spider IMG_0001 copy

A female green jumping spider, Epeus sp.  guarding her precious eggs...the eggs were about to hatch anytime soon!
green jumping spider guarding her eggs IMG_8836b copy

Another egg guarding Epeus sp. mom chasing away an ant
Epeus sp. jumping spider guarding egg IMG_1128 copy

Epeus sp. female jumping spider with her precious bunch of spiderlings.
Epeus sp. jumping spider with spiderlings...IMG_6051 copy

A Viciria sp. mommy jumping spider with her spiderlings.
IMG_6211 copy

 Viciria sp. jumping spider life cycle, from eggs to spiderlings
Viciria sp. jumping spider life cycle
See a complete life cycle series from eggs to spiderlings of a Viciria sp. family here.

Jumping spider with newly hatched spiderlings. More motherly love from the invertebrates here.
green jumping spider with spiderlings....IMG_4496 copy

Male ant mimic jumping spider, Myrmarachne sp.. More mimicry here.
Another ant-mimic! :D ........IMG_3184 copy

Female ant-mimic jumping spider, Myrmarachne sp.
IMG_0172 copy

Male ant-mimic jumping spider, Myrmarachne plataleoides
IMG_8813 copy (2)

Male ant-mimic jumping spider, Myrmarachne plataleoides
Ant mimic jumping spider Myrmarachne plataleoides male IMG_8850 copy

Female ant-mimic jumping spider, Myrmarachne plataleoides
IMG_3218 copy

Male Ant-mimic jumping spider, Myrmarachne sp.
IMG_3982 copy

Male Ant-mimic jumping spider, Myrmarachne sp.
Myrmarachne sp. IMG_0586 copy

Male Ant-mimic jumping spider, Myrmarachne sp.
IMG_7727 copy

Male black ant-mimic jumping spider, Myrmarachne maxillosa with planthopper nymph prey.
My hair looks nice? (IMG_2394 copy)

An ant-mimic spider (Myrmaranche sp.) with prey - a winged ant, i believe.
IMG_5801 copy

Jumping spider with Malay Baron caterpillar prey
jumping spider with malay baron caterpillar IMG_9709 copy

An unidentified Salticid. A mimicry of Camaricus maugi above? More about it here.
Jumping spider...IMG_5218 copy

Big Jumping Spider having another spider for dinner. Night find, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Jumping Spider with prey IMG_4691 copy

A female orb weaver, Acusilas malaccensis, with stunning colors, guarding her precious egg sac.
beautiful female orb weaver spider guarding egg sac IMG_0647 copy

An orb weaver spider with her lunch
orb weaver spider with stink bug lunch DSC_3046.jpg

An assassin bug trapped in a spider's web
Assassin bug trapped in spider web.....IMG_3372 copy

Spiders don't always win. Sometimes they fall victim to wasps!

Wasp with spider prey
spider wasp with prey IMG_9663 copy

Blue wasp with spider prey
wasp with spider prey IMG_9491 copy

The same wasp in my palm :D
IMG_9496 copy

Jumping spider down
spider wasp with jumping spider prey IMG_6188 copy

Wasp with crab spider prey
wasp with crab spider prey DSC_7733 copy

Wasp with orb weaver prey
wasp with orb weaver prey IMG_6120 copy

Wasp with jumping spider prey
wasp with spider prey IMG_9667 copy

Wasp with huntsman prey
wasp with huntsman prey IMG_7474 copy

Wasp with spider prey
wasp with spider prey DSC_7001 copy

Pompilidae wasp with crab spider (Camaricus maugi) prey.
Pompilidae Wasp with spider prey...IMG_3235 copy

Zodariid ground spider with ant prey
Zodariid ground spider with ant prey IMG_3810 copy

Another Zodariid with ant prey.
zodariid spider with ant prey IMG_1253 copy

I normally see Zodariid spiders with ant prey but this one caught herself an assassin bugs. Totally cool!
IMG_9921 copy Zodariid spider with assassin bug prey

A golden comb footed spider with egg sac and newly hatched spiderlings!
golden comb footed spider with egg sac and newly hatched spiderlings IMG_3523 copy

Golden comb footed spider with wasp for supper
golden comb footed spider with wasp for supper IMG_2745 copy

No ID, with prey.
Colorful spider with prey IMG_3385 copy

Aetius nocturnus, Ant-mimic sac spider
Aetius nocturnus  Ant-mimic sac spider. IMG_0022 copy

Portrait of a Caerostris sumatrana
IMG_9233 copy Caerostris sumatrana spider

Caerostris sp., Selangor, Malaysia. One of the cutest spider faces ever!
Caerostris sp._MG_6524 copy

Another Caerostris sp. spider I found at night.
Caerostris sp. IMG_6427 copy

Nothing but the broken end of a twig here, right?
Caerostris sp. _MG_5266 copy
It is actually the rear  end of a cute Caerostris sp. spider! See the legs!

This clever spider knows how to camouflage another way too!
Bark Spider (Caerostris sp.) IMG_2297 copy

Caerostris sp. in her web.
Caerostris sp. IMG_2662 copy

Caerostris webs are really sturday. This bat was caught in one but it managed to break free after a while.
Bat in spider web IMG_6716 copy

Wrap-around Spider (Dolophones sp.) and a beetle. Selangor, Malaysia.
Dolophones sp. spider IMG_9847 copy

Wrap-around Spider (Dolophones sp.). Selangor, Malaysia.
Dolophones sp. spider IMG_9822 copy

Wrap-around Spider (Dolophones sp.) in its web. Selangor, Malaysia.
Wrap-around spider IMG_0677 copy

Check out an animated gif of a pair of Dolophones sp. spiders here.

A two tailed spider, Hersilia sp. with prey.
IMG_9691 copy Hersilia sp. spider with prey

Argiope spider with prey
IMG_9068 copy Argiope spider with prey

Poltys mouhoti spider
IMG_8811 copy Cyphalonotus sp. spider

Similar Poltys mouhoti  spider, with shorter "stalk"
IMG_8506 copy Cyphalonotus sp. spider

A much bigger Poltys mouhoti spider
IMG_0305 copy

Tree-Stump Spider (Poltys sp) with spiky abdomen. Pahang, Malaysia. Reminds me of durian :D
Poltys sp._MG_5760 copy

Rear view of the same durian Poltys sp. spider!
Poltys sp._MG_5790 copy

Side view of the durian Poltys sp. spider
Poltys sp._MG_5782 copy

A different Poltys sp. in camouflage mode, Selangor, Malaysia
Poltys sp._MG_8460 copy

Poltys sp.
Poltys sp._MG_8455 copy

A Clubionidae sac spider with caddisfly prey
IMG_8893 copy Clubionidae sac spider with caddisfly prey

Male and female Clubionidae(?) in the same nest
male and female Clubonidae spiders in the same net IMG_2741b copy

Romphaea sp. male spider, Theridiidae.
IMG_0090 copy male Romphaea sp. spider (Theridiidae)

A Nephila spider with lunch
IMG_9686 copy

A molting Golden Web Spider
(Nephila pilipes), and an opportunistic male taking advantage of her. Also an Argyrodes at the bottom left. Selangor,  Malaysia.
Nephila pilipes IMG_1207 copy

Wandering Spider (Ctenidae)
Wandering Spider IMG_8265 copy

Wandering Spider (Ctenidae)
IMG_0244 copy

More Ctenidae
Wandering Spider IMG_5496 copy

 Eriovixia laglaizei (Simon, 1877) orb weaver with supper
IMG_6256 copy

Sandokanidae harvestmans trying to enjoy some intimate moments while a Polyrhachis ant came intruding on them.
Sandokanidae harvestmans mating _MG_4106 copy

A Sandokanidae  harvestman enjoying its escargot supper.
IMG_8620 copy

A Sandokanidae  harvestman enjoying its escargot supper.
IMG_8633 copy

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  1. Very nice photos. I hope you will be able to take some photos of Spiders in Sarawak

  2. very very beautiful collection master kurt!!!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. absolutely stunning photos of gorgeous subjects!!

  5. Excellent photos... About Scytodes velutina (?). Which Scytodes? Really I dont know... But I sure it is not S. velutina.

  6. Awesome collection! I could use a dose of tropical spiders right now...

  7. Thank you, Junis, JW, Anthony, Entogirl, kunt, Adrian.

  8. Kurt your photography is outstanding, many thanks for sharing.

  9. I love these photos! I'm a macro photographer too, but I've never seen anything so good! Well, better get on that plane to Malaysia!

    1. Thank you, Conrad. Yes, the arthropod diversity is quite impressive over here.

  10. the photos are so great! well done

  11. Nice photos!!!!
    Hi Kurt, can i know which part of Selangor you found the N. pilipes?

    1. Sorry, I don't give out info on locations. But they are really common and wide spread.

  12. Hi, wandered to your site... Stunning photos BTW... I did not see any Neoscona species on your list... Are they not endemic in Malaysia??

    1. Thanks for the comment! Yes, there are Neoscona in Malaysia, but I never take any pics of them.

    2. I went to the KL Eco forests looking for them(neoscona) to take pics but sadly didn't see them.. Only small Australian orb weavers... Can you point me out where to look.. And Usually what time?

    3. I wouldn't know. Never look for them. Is this a Neoscona?

    4. Could be.. Difficult to tell but looks more like an Araneus quadratus to me...

    5. OK, thanks. I looked up a few Neoscona pics on Flickr and it seemed like most of them were photographed during daytime.

  13. Hi Mr Kurt, I took a video of Liphistius in Endau-Rompin rainforest, here is the link of my instagram :
    Is this Liphistius endau? Or is it just Liphistius malayaus? I read somewhere in the internet it says there are many species of Liphistius in Malaysia and one of them is Liphistius endau. Is this Liphistius endau because I found it in Endau-Rompin rainforest.

    1. That's so cool Should be L. endau!According to MyBis, there are 6 native species in Malaysia.

    2. I hope so, the first time I discovered the spider, there were 15-20 nests of small ones, I think it was a colony and the big ones was the mother. I went back a couple of times and the last I went the mother was gone, the nest was damaged and there were only 5-10 small nests left.

    3. You mean the big female was poached? :( Same things happen at the highland of Pahang regularly! I see fewer and fewer of them now.

    4. No, I think because of the rain and some landslide. The area is not so popular

    5. That's a relief. Good to know! Those from the more popular highlands in Pahang are not so lucky. They get poached from time to time.



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